Sunday update, November 16th

movember flyer

Hey guys and gals! About to start the new cycle with emphasis on olympic lifting and barbell work. If you haven’t already, make sure you fill out the spreadsheet and print it out so you know at a quick glance how much weight you should be using. We’re going to be focusing on technique for the next four weeks…we might hit some PR’s, and I’m sure a lot of you will get stronger, but our goal is to get everyone more comfortable doing the olympic lifts. As you might’ve seen and heard, there’s going to be a lot to get through every day so make sure you’re ready. You’ll be going at your own pace; some people might move faster through the squats but struggle with the snatch, or vice versa. The coaches will not be there to make sure everyone finishes on time, we’ll be jumping back and forth and working with every athlete to help you move better. So keep an eye on the clock! If you find you’re running out of time, lower the weight! Again, we’re focusing on technique before intensity with this cycle. I’m a week ahead of you guys with the cycle, and I was able to finish everything each day in under an hour including warming up, doing the work, procrastinating, and cleaning up and cooling down.

Saturday mornings will be different for the next 4 weeks. Sweatshop at 9am and a CrossFit class afterwards (the new cycle has programming on saturdays). Free team wods will return at a later date.

If you want to get your metcon in, come to Sweatshop… It’s free for members!

Snatches for Staches
I’d like to thank the few of you that have already donated to our team. I’ll create a facebook event page for the competition for y’all to join and share with friends.

Facebook group
Speaking of facebook, if you’re not already part of the private group, you can request addition to it by following this link. Current CFS members only!

We’ll be open thanksgiving week in a limited capacity, but closed on thanksgiving day. For those of you that wish to join us and volunteer that Thursday morning, we will be meeting at Campus View Church around 8am and we’ll be there til about noon to help prepare dinner for the less fortunate. Comment below if you think you’ll be joining us. A few hours of your time is all we ask!

If you’re also in town for Thanksgiving and have no where else to go, we’ll be organizing a potluck dinner for our members. If there’s going to be a big turn out, we’ll hold it at the gym, else we might have it at our house. There will be a sign up sheet at the gym to reserve a spot and let us know what food you’ll be bringing.

Winter break
For those of you that will be gone most of December, we’ll have another sheet at the gym for you to fill out if you want to put your account on hold. You’ll put your name, when you’ll be leaving (December 1st) and your return date (ex, January 5th). If you wish to completely cancel your account, talk to Justin or Keras, or send an email to Make sure you get your request in before December 1st or else you’ll get billed again. And also for the month of December, we’ll be selling weekly passes for $30 a week.