Sunday update, November 9th

movember flyer

Only one month away from Snatches for Staches! If you haven’t signed up, do it! If you want a t-shirt, reserve it! Only one person has bothered to join our team as well as donated! I’m going to be very disappointed if we’re the only ones that donate to our Movember team…

Coaches, these last minute cancellations to our weekly coaches meeting need to stop. If you can’t make it you need to tell us well ahead of time, not the day before or the day of. If you give us warning, you’re fine, if you back out at the last minute, you will have to assist me or my brother with an extra class. There, you’ll lead the class, we’ll give you feedback, as well as catch you up on what you missed. We don’t appreciate planning stuff for the meetings to only have a few actually show up. If you miss more than half the meetings a month, you’ll be back as an intern. These Friday evenings are important, especially in a few months when the Open starts. I need all my coaches available to judge Friday nights since that’s when everyone will be doing the Open wods.

The squat cycle has ended, so this week we’re going to test some maxes and benchmark work outs before starting a 4 week Oly cycle. When we test these lifts, they must be done correctly. Coaches, please don’t count a bad lift. A snatch is not a power snatch into an overhead squat. I’d rather they be able to do the proper movement with just the bar than perform a train wreck of a snatch with more weight. We’re going to do a lot of barbell work for the rest of the calendar year, there’s plenty of time and room for improvement. Come the new year, we’ll back off on some of the strength work to focus more on conditioning to get ready for the open.

CrossFit Total

Push press
Team row relay

Overhead squat

Power snatch

Open gym – Make sure you know your max lifts for back squat, oh squat, snatch, power snatch, clean, power clean, jerk, push press, clean & jerk

Sweatshop, Oly lifting, team wod

Open gym, sweatshop

Starting November 17th, we’ll begin the Oly cycle. You can find it here, as well as a spreadsheet to enter your max lifts so you don’t have to worry about percentages here. I would like everyone to print out their personal spreadsheet, this cycle has a lot of work every week and we’ll have to move fast.