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Low-bar vs High-bar back squats

SOURCE 70s Big – High bar vs Low bar Found a great write-up on the different mechanics, drawbacks, and benefits of the two different back squats. The low bar squat recruits more of the posterior chain (i.e. hamstrings) and you’ll more than like put up bigger numbers. However, the torso position of the low bar…


GMOD L-sit rope climbs Front lever MOD Clean & jerk Back squat WOD 14 minutes, on the minute: ODD: 3-5 muscle ups EVEN: 10 pistols then… 30 kettlebell swings 30 box jumps 30 wall balls


CrossFit Total 3 attempts each for 1RM: Back squat Shoulder press Deadlift If you don’t come in today, we’ll have you do the CFT one day next week First and foremost let’s focus on technique and proper form today… don’t be like Castro: