Athens.Fitness Membership Contract

“Member,” “you” or “your” mean the person signing the Umbrella Holdings LLC, d/b/a/ Athens.Fitness Membership Contract (hereinafter “Agreement”).

“Athens.Fitness” means Umbrella Holdings LLC, doing business as Athens.Fitness.


Your “Assigned Commitment” is the monthly commitment, training package, punch card, seminar, course, or any other plan or pass you just signed up for. Your Assigned Commitment is good for the duration that the membership is active. This membership is only good at Athens.Fitness, located at 387 Old Commerce Rd, Athens, GA 30607.

You agree to pay the “price per period” at the “billing period” frequency for the “required payments” quantity all listed at the bottom of this document unless you cancel your Assigned Commitment according to the Cancellation Policy included below OR are granted written acknowledgement of early cancellation by Athens.Fitness management.
Your Assigned Commitment allows you to participate in the Assigned Commitment’s class or course offered at Athens.Fitness. It does not grant you access to any class, seminar or specialty class outside the scope of this Assigned Commitment that Athens.Fitness may offer.

After your Assigned Commitment is complete, your membership will auto-renew with a new commitment of the same type and duration (For example, if a member’s initial Agreed Commitment is for three months unlimited, at the end of the three months, you will automatically be signed up for an additional three months unlimited). After your Assigned Commitment is complete, should you choose to cancel your membership, you must notify Athens.Fitness by filling out a cancellation form 30 days before your Assigned Commitment renewal date (For example, if you signed up for a 12-month 3x/week membership, you must cancel 30 days before your 12-months end to prevent auto-renewal).

If, after you agree to your Assigned Commitment, you wish to lengthen your commitment, you may do so. A new commitment requires a new contract. (For example, if a member’s initial Agreed Commitment is for three months, and in month two the member wants to commit for one year, the member will be required to sign a twelve-month contract.)

Athens.Fitness reserves the right to adjust membership rates as needed inside the life of your Assigned Commitment to maintain the financial health of the business, to cover increases in business expenses (rent, staffing, etc.), and/or to improve the product provided to the member/s. In the event that Athens.Fitness elects to adjust the membership rates, you will be notified via email in advance and given the opportunity to cancel your Assigned Commitment before the date of membership rate adjustment if you do not wish to continue your membership.

Athens.Fitness Membership Hold Policy

If you will be absent from Athens.Fitness for an extended period of time, you may request that your membership be placed on hold for circumstances such as injury, illness, work-required travel, and job loss. Holds are available in 30-day increments and are frozen accounts are charged $5 each month. You may be required to show proof of the hold-request circumstances satisfactory to management. You must provide a membership freeze form to Athens.Fitness no later than 5 business days before your next billing date to avoid being charged. Membership holds will be granted at the sole discretion of Athens.Fitness.

Placing your membership on hold means that you will not have access to Athens.Fitness for the duration of the hold.  You will be billed $5/month for the duration of the hold. Your Assigned Commitment will be suspended for the duration of the hold and will resume when the hold terminates. (For example, a member with a twelve-month Assigned Commitment asks for and is granted a one-month membership hold before month ten begins. When the hold terminates, she will have three months remaining to complete her Assigned Commitment.)

Athens.Fitness Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the remainder of your Assigned Commitment by notifying Athens.Fitness by filling out a cancellation form and deliver in person or via email to Our monthly & 6-month contracts come with a 30-day early cancellation policy and our 12-month contract comes with a 60-day early cancellation policy. Meaning, if you need to cancel your contract early for any reason, we will charge you for 1 or 2 additional months, respectively, that you are also welcome to use and then the remainder of your Assigned Commitment will be void. If you cancel your Assigned Commitment for any reason, you lose all rights and benefits associated with your Assigned Commitment, including the price of your monthly payment.

All plans and monthly memberships require a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to next billing date to assure cancellation of automatic payments. Cancellation requests submitted within the 30 day billing cycle will result in a final payment drawn from your account on your established auto draft date. Once final payment has been drawn from your account, clients will have 30 days from the last bill date to use the facilities. It is your responsibility to provide written notice 30 days in advance of your next billing date. There will be no refund issued once a payment has been charged to your credit card.  12-month contracts require a 60-day cancellation.

Membership Upgrades and Downgrades

All members are welcome to upgrade or downgrade their membership plans or packages without penalty. Memberships can be upgraded at the start of the next billing cycle. However if a member wishes to upgrade immediately their new membership plan will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in their current billing cycle at their new rate. At the start of the next monthly billing cycle they will be charged at their full membership rate.

If a member wishes to downgrade their membership to a lower session based plan they must wait until their next monthly bill date for the new plan to be effective. Please note, changes cannot be made retroactively.

Discounted Memberships and Packages

Athens.Fitness provides discounted rates to public service members to include all active and retired military, law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel as well as teachers, nurses and students. We also provide discounts to dependents of all active military, LE and fire and rescue personnel. In order to receive the discount a valid identification is required at the time of membership enrollment. Please inquire with our staff for more details on discounted plans and packages.

Attending More Sessions Than Allowed By Your Membership Plan

If a member attends more classes than his/her plan allows in a month, they will be charged a fee of $10 per additional session. For example if a member has a 3 session per week plan, but attends 4 sessions each week within their monthly billing cycle they will be charged their normal membership fee as well as an additional $40 for the additional 4 classes attended. Class fees for additional classes will be billed directly to the members card on file at the end of the month. If a member consistently attends more sessions than their plan allows, it is highly recommended they consider upgrading to a higher session membership for the cost savings

Open Gym and 24/7 Access

For those that would like to use the gym when we’re not hosting classes you can purchase a membership that gives you 24/7 access. As a member, you agree to abide by Athens.Fitness rules listed on the gym website and posted at the facility. These rules may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of Athens.Fitness.

You must be experienced with CrossFit or barbell training for 6 months. If you trained somewhere prior you’ll need to have them contact us for verification. You must have been an Athens.Fitness member for a minimum of 1 month and have a minimum of 20 check-ins until you are eligible for access. If you are new and want access, please contact us at to discuss your eligibility

Billing Information and Failed Payments

If your billing information is becoming or becomes invalid (for example, your credit card is expiring or you cancel the card number you entered initially), you must promptly update your billing information in the online customer management software at least five days before your next billing date.

If the billing information (for example, credit card number) you entered is incorrect or becomes incorrect and your monthly payment fails, Athens.Fitness will notify you of such failure by e-mail. If you do not correct your billing information within ten calendar days of the e-mailed notice, we reserve the right to charge you $50 for the first failed monthly payment. You will be charged $100 for each failed monthly payment after your first notice of a failed monthly payment. You will remain liable for your monthly membership payment in addition to these fees.


Athens.Fitness will not provide refunds retroactively for any cancellation requests. Membership cancellations are only processed by sending written notification in person or via email to Please do not send cancellation messages to our social media pages, voicemail, or text.

Athens.Fitness does not issue refunds if you do not use your membership, nor can you carry over sessions to the next month if you missed a class. No exceptions.


Athens.Fitness reserves the right to send any membership, commitment, fees, or any contracted purchase to collections if the account is 30 days past due. Athens.Fitness will contact the member once via e-mail to resolve the payment issue. If the member does not promptly pay the amount owed, the total amount due for the member’s remaining Assigned Commitment plus any additional fees may be sent to a collection agency for collection. If such action is necessary, you agree to pay all costs incurred by Athens.Fitness for collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Client Bill of Rights

You are at the center of what we do. Your experience at Athens.Fitness is very important.

To keep things simple for you, we ask that you agree to these simple terms and conditions of service:

At Athens.Fitness, we promise to:

  1. Always be on time for our appointment with you.
  2. Be prepared with a training plan for the session.
  3. Alter workouts as required.
  4. Make you the center of our attention during your session.
  5. Write exercise and nutrition plans to fit your long-term progression.
  6. Behave in a professional manner.
  7. Explain WHY any given exercise or cognitive task is relevant to you.
  8. Correctly invoice and give receipts, or make corrections immediately.
  9. Return your phone call or email at the first available opportunity.
  10. Provide you with a safe, clean space to train.
  11. Treat every client the same with regard to pricing, scheduling, and answering questions.
  12. Stay on top of relevant research that will help you achieve your goals.
  13. Provide ‘homework’ as necessary.
  14. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals as required on your behalf.
  15. Be as flexible as possible in accommodating your schedule.
  16. Maintain the strictest confidentiality.
  17. Hold your lost items for two weeks before donating them to an appropriate charity.
  18. Maintain an appropriate client portfolio and healthcare records.

In return, we ask that you:

  1. Arrive on time for your appointments and classes (it’s YOUR time we’re talking about, after all.) If you are more than 3 minutes late, we reserve the right to hand out 5 burpees per minute thereafter. If you are chronically late, we reserve the right to deny your attendance of the ongoing class.
  2. Sign in via our website to reserve your spot.
  3. Be aware of and nice to everyone else in the gym. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the gym or terminate your membership if you mistreat other members or Athens.Fitness employees.
  4. Cancel or change appointment times, if you must, before 8am on the day of the appointment.
  5. Pay for packages in advance, if you’d like to save money.
  6. Pay for single-session bookings prior to OR immediately following the session.
  7. Tell your Coach immediately if you’re feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous. We can help.
  8. Make your Trainer aware of aches, pains or other issues at the start of your session.
  9. Put your things away – neatly and in clean condition – immediately after use.
  10. Treat equipment as if you own it. We reserve the right to charge you for any equipment you break or damage in a manner we deem to be purposeful, not accidental.
  11. Track your workouts & progress using our website or Sugarwod, the tracking software you provide you access to. We love seeing improvement and will encourage you to hit personal records (PRs), ring our PR Bell and write them on our PR Board.
  12. Keep children within arm’s reach while they’re inside the gym – literally – if it’s necessary to bring them with you. If you plan on having them hang out while you’re attending class, they must sit outside in the hallway (we will provide them a box, bench or mat to sit on) so they don’t disrupt class and are safe. If they can’t sit outside by themselves without supervision, they should not be coming to the gym and waiting for their parents without an individual to supervise them. Additionally, please keep all children off all equipment and let them know it is for their safety. If they are disruptive to class we reserve the right to request that they no longer visit the gym with you.
  13. HAVE FUN! This should be the best hour of your day and we’re going to do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy every class, despite the difficulty of the workout.
  14. Dogs that bark, whine, jump or bite are not allowed at the gym. Dogs must be on a leash at all time. We reserve the right to ask you to remove a disruptive dog at any time. Our staff is not responsible for your dog or any messes they make. Please always ask management first if it is ok to bring your dog to class, please do not assume it is ok without first seeking permission.