A handful of you already updated your billing to our new website here at athens.fitness. Thank you! Unfortunately, all that will need to be redone. Two months after we were approved and were using a new merchant processor they decided to hold on to all money from purchases for 21 days after the transaction. No thank you. So we cancelled all future transactions that you guys set up, and closed our account with them. So now we are using our same merchant processor that we’ve had for years over on the wodtogether website. But we still want to move off of wodtogether since we don’t use any of their services anymore.

If you already set up an account on this website, you still have that account but all stored CC information has been purged and all recurring transactions cancelled. If you could help out with this transition by doing all that over again, please and thank you. If you are unable to do so before April 1st, we will go ahead and charge you on wodtogether at the price/membership that you picked out on athens.fitness earlier this month.

If you have not begun transitioning to the new website and memberships, please take care of that before the 1st. If not, you will be charged on wodtogether for the new monthly rate.

Go to the gym shop (https://athens.fitness/shop/) and chose the plan that best fits. If you do this before the first, enter the coupon code WAFFLES at checkout to zero out the purchase for March, and your next payment will be on the 1st of April at the regular price. If you would like to be billed on a different day than the first, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. If you choose a bootcamp or punchcard or prepaid membership then that starts on the day you purchase it, and the coupon code does not apply. If you’re going home for the summer or out of town for work or whatever, you can put your account on hold at any time by filling out the hold form