Drop in Visitor

Drop-in Visitor
If you’re in town for a day or a week and don’t want to miss your CrossFit workout, you can come join us for a WOD! Please contact us ahead of time (preferably at least a 24 hour notice) to make sure we can accommodate your visit. After you speak with us we’ll direct you to create an account so you can enroll in a class time and fill out our digital waiver ahead of time. If you drop-in unannounced, you might have to wait for the next class…even if that’s the next day!

What’s your schedule?
Please check our schedule as well as the main blog for any possible schedule change announcements. You can also find class descriptions on our Frontdesk portal as well.

Due to the nature and complexity of CrossFit we will not allow people who have never been exposed to CrossFit participate in a CrossFit class. All new athletes need to attend our CF101 intro class first, or try out a Sweatshop class instead.

Please do not come any more than 15 mins before class, but you are welcome to stay and do mobility after for as long as needed. Parking is located at the back of the building, the driveway at our entrance is for our employees.

How much does it cost?
Our one-time drop in rate is $15 or $40 for the week.

But if you are visiting Athens for an extended period, contact us at info@crossfitsouth.com and we can arrange an extended visitor price.

When dropping in please:
1. Fill out our online waiver after creating an account on Frontdesk.
2. Purchase a drop-in visit ahead of time or bring cash with you to the gym.

Do I need to sign in/sign up for a class?
Yes. After creating an account and signing the waiver, please enroll in a class time that works for you so we know when to expect you.

How do your classes work?
While most CrossFit gyms are similar, we each run our gyms uniquely. We ask that you show up at least 10-15 minutes before class starts to make sure everything is ready (waiver, payment, etc.). Please park behind the gym, the small parking lot up front is for our neighboring business and our coaches that come and go between classes. Classes start on time so we can best utilize the designated hour. We do not always do a group warm-up, but we always have a recommended warm-up on the whiteboard each day that is specific to the class. If you prefer warming up and mobilizing a different way, you’re more than welcome to do that, you just need to be properly warm before class starts. We generally start the class with one or two movements for strength or technique purposes, followed by a WOD. Finally, we program mobility and accessory work to be done after the wod finishes, and we encourage you to stay after to complete these. And a final note, visiting athletes that are coaches from other gyms: you are not a coach here, so do not coach any of my athletes and do not coach a friend or family member that you brought with you. You’re here to workout, try to enjoy yourself!

I am following a specific program – can I just do my own thing during your class hours?
No. Aside from a few open gym hours that are scheduled throughout the week, you will follow the programming we have scheduled for our gym. Elite level athletes feel free to give us a call or email and we can work something out. We do not use the term elite lightly at all.

Where are some good places to eat around here?
Athens is home to many great restaurants, but here’s a short list of nearby places that we like!

Saucehouse BBQ
Agua Linda
Sr. Sol
Taqueria del Sol
Copper Creek
Pulaski Heights BBQ
Big City Bread
Last Resort
Ike & Jane