MOD Death by deadlifts WOD 100 burpees


MOD Deadlifts WOD 5 rounds AFAFP -5 deadlifts (315/205) -10 burpees 7 minute cap to finish. 4 minute cap for Rx marker.


CrossFit Total 1RM back squat 1RM strict press 1RM deadlift 3 attempts each movement


WOD 100 unbroken deadlifts *double under penalty enforced everytime you stop or drop the barbell MOD Running


MOD Snatch complex WOD 21-15-9 Deadlifts, 225/155 Dips Double unders Farmers walk


WOD “Stevie” 12 movements, 31 UNBROKEN reps of each: Kettlebell swings, 70/35 Wall balls, 20/14 Overhead squats, 95/65 Burpees Lunges Push jerks, 95/65 K2E Box jumps, 24/20 Hang cleans, 95/65 Sit ups Double unders Deadlifts, 185/125 *you can hold a movement and rest to be considered unbroken. if something starts on the ground it can’t touch the ground again: ex. …


MOD Snatch balance WOD AMRAP 20 minutes Run 400m 25 squats Run 400m 25 deadlifts Run 400m 25 sdhp Run 400m 25 push press Run 400m 25 double unders


GMOD Strict T2B Ring push ups Strict pull ups MOD Power snatch Front squats WOD 7 deadlifts 30 squats 7 handstand push ups


GMOD Planche Toes touch push ups Clapping pull ups MOD Weighted pull ups L-sits WOD “King Kong” 3 Rounds 1 deadlift, 455# 2 muscle ups 3 squat cleans, 250# 4 handstand push ups


GMOD Shoot thrus Wall walks MOD Push jerk WOD 21-15-9 Pull ups Deadlifts @ BW Run a lap after each couplet