XpressWOD – coming soon!

Starting next week we will begin offering a new class at CrossFit South: XpressWOD!


This class will be its own entity separate from our regular Sweatshop and CrossFit classes. It will have it’s own cycle of programming and will run Monday through Friday. So what makes it different? Well for starters, you’ll be in and out in under 45 minutes. The other main difference is that it will not follow the strict guidelines that our CrossFit classes adhere to: we program CrossFit classes to always have a skill, a wod, and extra work every day. XpressWOD will be a little more flexible. Some days will have skill work and a wod, whereas other days will only have a skill portion or only have a WOD.

We’ll begin offering it next Monday at 0630 and we will consider expanding it to 0900.

See you at the gym!