Team WOD
750m row
60 T2B
750m row

Pick athlete order before you begin. Each person rows 750m continuously. Once each athlete has done their 750m piece the team can move on. The next station is HSPU. These are attempted in the order you set before the workout. Everyone must attempt. Even if you can’t do a hspu, you must attempt. Then it’s the next person’s try. If you fail a rep or fall off the wall, the next athlete goes. Continue this cycle until all handstand push ups are complete, reps do not have to be shared equally. Next station is Toes-to-bar. Each athlete must attempt. Must go in the order you picked before the work out. If you miss the bar or come off the bar, the next athlete will do their attempt. Once all T2B are completed, back to the rower for the last time!

Partner WOD
20 wall balls
20 kb swings
20 sit ups
20 jumping lunges
20 pull ups
20 dips
20 air squats

Athlete A begins the wall balls and must complete all 20 reps while partner B rests. Then, partner B does all 20 kb swings. So on and so forth. Round 1 has partner A doing wall balls, sit ups, pull ups, and air squats…with Partner B doing all kb swings, jumping lunges, and dips. Round 2 switches: Partner A does kb swings, jumping lunges, dips with partner B doing wall balls, sit ups, pull ups, and air squats. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Individual WOD
Sit down stand up

rest 1 minute

Alternating kb ground to overhead

rest 1 minute

Kneeling ball slams

rest 1 minute


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