After the last class tonight we’ll crown the winners of Friday Night Lights followed by some non-paleo beverages so we can clear out the fridge. Starting next Friday we’ll be bringing back the Girls Night WOD which will be at 7pm. Each Friday night we’ll pick a different Girl WOD to do. Girls Night will go on for 10 weeks and then we’ll crown a winner as the most girliest. Scaled and Rx. One heat. Honor system unless we suspect cheating reps then I might have to consult the security cameras!

I’ll be polling a few more times, but is anyone interested in the return of the 0630 class? Possibly a few times a week? Or perhaps more 0800 options? Like Sweatshop or open gym? Comment below or send us an email if you’re interested.

A) Overhead squat
10rm, then 95% and 90% for 10x

B) Accessory work
Athlete’s choice

C) Skill work
Athlete’s choice

A) Gymnasty
Handstands and muscle ups

B) Bench press or Jerk
Athlete’s choice, pick one and stick with it to the end of the cycle

30 burpee pull ups
30 ring rows
30 pistols