Today starts week 1 of a planned 10 week cycle. We’ll be doing back squats for all ten weeks. There will be a deadlift cycle starting on week 3 and a bench cycle starting on week 5. The back squat days will look similar to what’s below: warm up with weighted jumps, heavy squats, fast squats, then pause squats. The pause squats will increase in difficulty every week, everything else will stay about the same.

A) Warm up
After warming up, 6×3 weighted squat jumps – try to hit your head on the ceiling! Use something light such as an empty barbell or tiny dumbbells. Do your 3x reps, shake it off, go again!

B) Back squats
Warm up to a single set of 3x @ 80%

C) Speed squats
5 sets of 4x @ 50%, rest 1min between sets – no pausing at the top or bottom, but make sure to fully extend and hit depth! A fast controlled descent followed by an explosive rise out of the bottom.

D) Pause squats
8 sets of 3x @ 55%, 5-sec pause

E) 4x
15 sit ups
25 double unders