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Open gym/rest day

If you want a coach-directed class, you need to come to xpresswod or sweatshop. If you come to crossfit, it’s open gym. Make sure you sign up.

-“But Keras, why does it say crossfit and not open gym?
-Do you not read my newsletters or any of my posts?
-“Yeah, I read them all! “
-Apparently not, I’ve explained this multiple times
-“Remind me plz!”
-As you know, ‘Open Gym’ is a gold-level class.
-“Uh huh.”
-And I’m sure you know that only gold members can sign up for ‘Open Gym’ on the schedule.
-“Uh huh”
-Are you a gold member?
-So should I make the schedule say ‘Open Gym’ and prevent you and over half our members from signing up and coming in on Thursdays?
-“Oh……. “

Why do I have to say this every week?

Maybe we should just close on Thursdays to avoid any unnecessary confusion.