A) Good mornings

B) Hang snatch
-start at about 40% and increase weight in 5% increments (if at all). However this is not a race to see who can go heaviest, this is a technique day
-sets of 3 that are not touch & go
-feet need to remain in contact with the ground at all times: no jumping, no rolling forward onto your toes. If you do, you’ll need to drop down 10% and try again
-focus on driving your heels and legs into the ground to fully extend and not trying to jump. During regular snatch days, jumping should be more of the result of aggressive triple extension, not the goal. Too many of you seem to rush forward onto your toes before fully extending thinking it’ll make you stronger. It won’t! I’ll take some blame since we as coaches sometimes cue you to jump… My bad

15 muscle ups
30 hang power cleans, 185/135
60 alternating pistols
120 double unders

*10 minute cap, scale accordingly or use a suggested scale from the whiteboard


Brandt has 2 left arms