A) Floor press
6×2 @ 70-80% 1RM bench

B) 5x
10 pull ups
20 alternating kb/db clean & jerks
*emom 5 clapping push ups

C) For quality
4×15, single leg deadlifts


A lot of you slackers need to start hanging out with us at Girls Night and at the after parties… It’s a great way to meet your fellow athletes and a chance go get to know your coaches better… Don’t make Raleigh sad!

Bonus work
D) Core
Hollow rocks, 4×30
Hollow hold, 3 minutes

E) Row
10 minutes, 2 minutes at each rating – you should keep a steady pace with regards to stroke rate … This does not mean you’re pulling slow even if the pace is slow. Hard pulls every time.
20 spm
22 spm
24 spm
18 spm
30 spm

So every week we have a coaches meeting and this week we discussed (among other things) that there is still a lack of focus for people coming to open gym. In the near future we’re going to work with every unlimited member that comes to open gym and put them thru a movement screening to help identify weaknesses. From this we’ll make for you a rough guide of what you will do during open gym. Yes, you will do what we prescribe unless you already have a well thought out plan to attack your weaknesses. Until then we will program Bonus Work for you to do during open gym… really everyone should do it… for the most part it will be things you can do at home or before/after classes as long as you stay out of the way.