Month: July 2014


-open gym / rest day- Don’t forget about track day on Saturday! Gym will be closed and we’ll meet on the Eastside at the Cedar Shoals high school track at 10am. The class is not on Frontdeskhq because I don’t want anyone to get confused and show up at the gym. See ya there!


A) Back squat Final day of the volume cycle – if you miss today you’ll have the same opportunity again on Monday – hopefully lots more PR’s! B) Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes Barbell complex 1 snatch 1 hang snatch 1 overhead squat 1 snatch balance C) Time Trial 2000m row Gymnasty Max weighted…


A) EMOM 12 Minute 1: 30sec chin-over-bar l-sit hold Minute 2: 10 strict hspu Minute 3: 50 unbroken du B) For Time 400m run 15 clean & jerk 800m run 15 clean & jerk 400m run Oly Front pause squat, 6×2 add weight each set, rest as needed Klokov sots complex, EMOM 10 RDL, 4×6-10…


A) Technique Tuesday! -Halting deadlifts, cleans, and snatches -Coach will tell you what you’re about to do (ex: power snatch) – you will get into the start position and the coach will call out each position for you to cycle to (below knee, above knee, hips, or finish) -Positions can be called in any order,…


A) Back squat Just like last week but somehow more awesome B) HeSPU + Clean Couplet 1 – 10 deficit headstand push ups 10 – 1 squat cleans Oly Snatch, heavy single High hang clean, heavy double

FringeSport OneFitWonder Sandbag Review

FringeSport was kind enough to offer their OneFitWonder Sandbag System for review. So we put it to the test and tried to break it! We use sandbags every now and then during our WODs, but the limiting factor has been that a lot of sandbags (GORUCK, Rogue), while built like tanks, are just too expensive…


A) Barbell complex #1 15 minutes, max weight B) Barbell complex #2 EMOM 10 C) AMRAP 10 3 shoulder to overheads* 1 lap *add 3 reps every round – always 1 lap Gymnasty Pistols Muscle ups L-sit to handstand Planche


A) Pause front squats 6×2, work up to heaviest set B) Thruster Max weight from ground C) Time trial 500m row Oly Back squat, 3 reps every min for 8 min, then 4 min to build to heavy single Snatch high pull Jerk, heavy single


A) EMOM 15 Minute 1: 7 strict pull ups Minute 2: 22 Russian kb swings Minute 3: 27 double unders B) Deadlifts -5RM -no touch & go allowed – control the eccentric lowering of the bar, reset your position and pull again -no letting go of the bar at any time Gymnasty Muscle up practice