Month: February 2015


Make sure you watch this video to avoid confusion today! Check out The CrossFit Games website for even more details. Scroll to the very bottom for heat assignments. Email Keras if you need to change heats, I might be able to accommodate you…a lot of you never responded to my note asking for your availability!…


Fitness A) Press Week 8 Prep for push press cycle starting next week B) Open gym Make up missed days and accessory work Performance A) Bench press 5×3 @ 80% B) Overhead squat 4×10 @ 55% + additional load C) open gym Mobilize!


Fitness A) Deadlift Week 8 B) 3x 30 sec unbroken kb swings 60 seconds rest 30 sec unbroken box jumps 60 seconds rest 30 sec unbroken push jerks 60 seconds rest Performance A) Oly Clean complex B) Oly Snatch complex C) 3x 30 sec unbroken hang power snatch 60 seconds rest 30 sec unbroken hang…


Fitness A) Bench press Week 8 B) AMRAP 10 Burpees *5 kb swings on the minute Performance A) Back squat Week 8 B) Front squat Week 8 C) AMRAP 10 Burpees *5 kb swings on the minute


Check back to this page for weekly updates! CrossFit South dot com slash F N L I’ll see if I can’t create a leaderboard or something to update each week…does anyone here know any good plugins for a wordpress backend? WEEK 1 UPDATE Team 1 (Deb’s Illegitimate Children) – 9 points +8 points for athlete…


Fitness A)  Press Week 7 B) Overhead squat Practice form before increasing intensity C) Accessory work Performance A) Bench 5×5 @ 75% B) Pendlay rows 4×10 heavy C) Btn snatch push press 2×3 @ 80% 3×3 @ 85% D) Overhead squat 4×5, increasing


Today’s the last day to sign up for Friday Night Lights before the price increases to $50. Fitness A) Deadlift Week 7 B) 3x 15 pull ups 20 ball slams 25 t2b Performance A) 5x Snatch + snatch B) 5x Hang clean + clean C) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift Ball slam Box jumps