Month: April 2015


Fitness A) Overhead squat 5rm, then 95% & 90% for 10 B) Open gym Accessory work and skill work Performance A) Power snatch 5rm B) Power clean 5rm C) Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes Power clean 1x Strict press Hang power clean 3x push press Hang power clean 5x jerk


Fitness A) Deadlift Week 5 B) 5x 10 goblet squats 10 wall balls -rest 1 minute- Performance A) Skill work Athlete’s choice B) Bench press (or Jerk) 5rm (or 3rm), then 95% & 90% C) “Flight Simulator” 5-10-15…….50…….15-10-5 Unbroken double unders


Bye Haley! Good luck in PT school! We’ll be bidding her farewell this weekend at Terrapin and them downtown for food and fun, come join! We love ya Haley! Fitness A) Back squat 5rm, then 95% & 90% for 5 B) 3x 25 air squats 25 push ups 25 ring rows Performance A) Snatch Working…

Gone for the summer?

Students (and non-students), if you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time during the summer please email or notify a head coach in writing of when you would like your account to be put on hold. Holds must be at a minimum 1 month. If you’re only going to be gone for…


Fitness A) Bench press 5rm, then 95% and 90% for 5 B) Mini Flight Simulator Unbroken double unders Performance A) Deadlift Week 5 B) Speed deadlift Week 5 C) EMOM 18 1: 4-10x strict hspu 2: 5-10x strict t2b 3: 6-10x strict pull up


Fitness A) Push press 3rm, then 95% and 90% for 3 B) Open gym Accessory or skill work Performance A) Front pause squat -1rm: 5 seconds in the bottom, 12 seconds in the bottom -3×3 @ 83% B) Open gym Accessory or skill work


Fitness A) Overhead squat 5rm B) Skill work Athlete’s choice C) Assistance work Athlete’s choice Performance A) EMOM 5 2x power snatch, starting at 75% B) Every 90sec x 8 Hang power snatch + hang power snatch + overhead squat C) EMOM 5 2x power clean, starting at 75% D) Every 90sec x 8 Power…


Fitness A) EMOM 10 5 thrusters + 5 t2b B) EMOM 10 5 burpees + 20 double unders C) AMRAP 8 1 pull up 2 push ups 3 air squats Add 1 rep to each movement each round Performance A) Skill work Athlete’s choice B) Bench (or Jerk) 5rm (or 3rm) C) 8 minute cap…


Fitness A) Back squat 5rm B) AFAFP 1000m row, then… 21-15-9 Wall balls Thrusters Performance A) Snatch Working up to 90% B) Clean and jerk Working up to 90% C) Accessory work Athlete’s choice


Fitness A) Bench press 5rm B) AMRAP 8 9 ball slams 6 box jump overs 3 burpeea C) Dips 4x unbroken sets, rest as needed Performance A) Deadlift Week 4 B) Speed deadlift Week 4 C) EMOM 18 1: 1-3x muscle ups 2: 5-10x snatch tall pulls 3: 30x double unders