Month: April 2016

Announcement: Beauty and the Beast Mode

This is a copy/paste of the email I sent out to teams earlier: Hey guys, I hope everyone is ready for this weekend! I’ve updated our website with new information including movement standards, heat times, and a shirt proof. I’ve had to change a few teams around that didn’t pay attention to the division they…


Anaerobic conditioning! I will be posting standards and heats for Beauty and the Beast Mode this weekend. For the competition, we will also be live streaming the event on our Facebook page. Check it out!


A) Hang clean 10 minutes to work up to heavy hang squat clean B) EMOM 10 2x hang cleans @ 85-90% of A C) “Amanda” 9-7-5 Ring muscle ups Squat snatch, 135/95# If you can’t do C as written then… C) Open WOD 14.1 AMRAP 10 30 double unders 15 power snatches, 75/55#


A) Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes Overhead Lunges, increasing 10-10-8-8-6-6-4-4-2-2 B) 11 minute running clock 5 minutes max distance row, meters 1 minute rest 5 minutes max weight snatch, pounds


A) 3x Chest to bar pull ups Front squats (F) / Thrusters (M) Box jumps Deadlifts (F) / Power cleans (M) Burpees Rest *1 minute per movement, as many reps as possible B) Mobilize Yes, you


A) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 1 strict press + 3 push press + 5 jerk B) AFAFP 3x 12 burpees 21 pull ups 12 hang power cleans* then… 3x 12 burpees 21 deadlifts* 12 shoulder to overhead* *one bar, one weight, use no more than 70% of your final weight from part A