CFS Newsletter, 08/17/15

Same thing I said last week………….

Clean up after yourselves. If you got something out, put it back. Where it belongs. There’s a place for everything, and every thing in its place.

Wipe your DNA off the equipment! Grab a sanitizing wipe and clean off everything you touched. I don’t want to clean up after everyone, and the next person doesn’t want your cooties!!! This includes getting your chalk off pull up bars, barbells, kettlebells, whatever you got your nasty hands on. It’s a little more humid in the new place and I’ve spent all morning scrubbing chalk (and rust) off the rig and barbells. Then I had to oil everything down it was so bad. There wouldn’t be rust if you cleaned up after yourselves! Chalk is used to increase grip. It does so by sucking up moisture…and that moisture has to go somewhere… It gets trapped under the chalk on the surface and reacts with the metal equipment, bringing about rust.

If you turn on the bathroom light, turn it off when you’re done. If you use something and need to throw it away, toss it in the trash and replace the lid. I’d rather use my imagination than see your dirty kleenexes. If you finish a water bottle, get rid of it. There should be a separate recycling receptacle. If this is too hard, we can all drink out of the sink.

I remember last time it got this bad we had to institute burpee penalties since no one would take responsibility for their shit. Instead of punishing the person (which was hard since most wouldn’t admit guilt), the class had to do burpees. And every other class for the next 24 hours. People were pissed. But the messes quickly stopped.

Burpee penalties start again tomorrow.