CFS Newsletter, 9/27/15

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OK! The schedule has been slightly tweaked. For those of you that are super excited about coming to the gym and signed up way in advance, make sure you check the schedule as there have been changes! Too many of y’all had signed up for classes already, and it would just be a big ol’ headache to change this week around.

That being said, I removed the specialty classes from the schedule. If you signed up for any of the specialty classes, you can do that programming AFTER you do the crossfit class. You must have a gold membership to stay after the crossfit class to do the assigned work, or to come back later that day. The specialty programming is listed below and will be at the gym for you to follow.

If you are doing the supplemental programming you must stay out of the way of the classes. I need 100% compliance or I’ll stop it for everyone.

This Week @ CFS

Here we go, we start Week 1 of the new cycle! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my calculator for the lifts we’ll be using. Enter in your 1RM numbers and it will do the rest. I made it so it will round to the nearest increment of 5# so there won’t be any weird weights that it spits out. Print it out and bring it to the gym and we can hold on to it for you for safe keeping.

As you can see, most days have Strength, Conditioning, Extra, and Oly. Our crossfit classes will have a directed Strength and Conditioning. With the remaining time in class you can do Extra. If you’re a gold member, you can stay later or come in twice if you want to do Oly.

This is going to be a lot of volume, and it might take a week or so to get accustomed to it. With the first mesocycle, we’re doing 10 sets of 5 reps. Rest between supersets will not exceed 90 seconds. You might not get all five reps each time, or you may be you will. If you don’t: there are no forced reps and there are no negatives. Put the bar down and move along. You might find that when we start the 10×4 mesocycle, that you get every rep!

We’ll see how this week goes, and if needed I’ll make some changes to the programming to accommodate the class. Scaling options for the workouts will be provided at the gym.

This Saturday’s classes have been bumped forward one hour to make time for the football game. BarbellWOD @ 9am, wod @ 10am. Friday has only two afternoon crossfit classes, and that’s how it will be in the future as well. Friday has low turn outs so we will be closing early from now on. XpressWOD is gone. Open Gym (for gold members) is from 0630 to 0800.

New Class Structuring
Next week (10/04/15) will introduce a handful of changes to how classes run, as well as class times. In the afternoon, class times Monday through Thursday are at 430pm, 530pm, and 645pm. The gym will open at 4pm for those of you that wish to come in early to do extra work. On Friday, our crossfit classes are at 430pm and 545pm. Sweatshop is still at 8am and 6pm every day of the week.

SpecialtyWODs are no longer posted on the schedule during the week. We will still have BarbellWOD on most Saturdays. Sundays will be off the schedule for a short bit. Once they come back they will be strictly for making up something you missed earlier in the week.

So here’s how classes are going to run now. You come to class, you do the class, and then once we finish the class, you’re free to do whatever you want…as long as it’s something I’ve programmed. Gold members can stay after their class has ended to do the extra work, Bronze and Silver members have their allotted class time. Once the last class of the day ends (whether it’s crossfit or sweatshop), everyone has to leave. No staying a few minutes late to finish your last set.

Team Amanda
Have you signed up for Team Amanda yet? It’s October 10th @ 11am. It’s a partner workout. There are people in need of partners, and there are even athletes at CFS that are willing to sponsor a team or two. Please sign up!

There’s more information HERE. If you can’t participate and wish to donate, please see me or my brother at the gym. A $20 donation will get you a t-shirt.

Amanda can’t make it to her own fundraiser because she’s having another surgery. What the hell is your excuse?

On Sunday the 11th at noon, we will have a cookout.

Come join us at CFS on Friday October 30th for a special night full of Halloween debauchery! The fun will start at 5pm and last until 730pm, after which there will be non-paleo beverages. This will be our only offering of classes on Friday, and we will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you come in!

There will be 3 workouts planned. You can come in for all three or just one. Workout 1 (team wod) will begin at 530pm. Workout 2 (partner wod) will begin at 615pm. Workout 3 (individual wod) will begin at 700pm. Come and jump in whenever you want and workout with whoever you want!

After the last workout ends (~730pm), the real fun begins! There will be corn hole and beer pong, as well as other food and drinks.

Make sure you come in costume, or else there will be a burpee buy-in to participate! Best dressed male and female will get a small prize.

This will be a perfect time to bring a friend!

I just googled ZombieFit…apparently it’s a real thing?

See you at the gym!