CFS Newsletter, August 23rd


Hey gang! Got a lot of announcements of what’s up around the corner…still a lot of things in development and I’ll do my best to put out as much info as I can in the coming days and weeks! Gonna keep this short, I’m not feeling too well tonight =/

UGA Football starts soon! Who else is excited?!

Is anybody interested in arranging a tailgate for CFS athletes and getting together on gamedays? Does anybody have any guidance about putting together a tailgate? I normally just stumbled upon some friends and drank and ate with them. I think it would be awesome if we could set up a CFS spot and have some fun.

New Classes
I’ve updated the schedule for the next week, and you might have seen a few new offerings on the agenda. You can read more about them on our FrontdeskHQ site. I’ve rearranged and renamed a few of our services, but basically there’s some CrossFit offerings, some Specialty classes, sweatshop, and open gym. There’s also a 9am crossfit! So here’s what’s new:

  • XpressWOD – a mini crossfit class
  • GymnastyWOD – practice gymnastic movements and their progressions
  • EnduranceWOD – running/rowing technique and wods
  • BarbellWOD – olympic (and sometimes powerlifting) technique and heavy days

XpressWOD is included in all our CrossFit memberships (bronze, silver, and gold) and requires CrossFit experience! This is not sweatshop and this is not like our regular crossfit classes. In our CrossFit classes there is skill work, a wod, and homework. In XpressWOD there will be one thing. That’s it. That one thing can be strength work, or a wod, or whatever. You want to do some lifting and then a wod? Then come to crossfit. This is XpressWOD. Tomorrow is 10 sets of 10 reps of squats. Sure, you’re probably thinking, “what..that’s it?!”. That’s because you’re looking at it like a punk ass bitch. You’re probably thinking that you could take like 30 minutes, throw a little bit of weight on the bar, rep it out, dick around, and maybe get kinda heavy for the last set. HELL NO! This is going to be a maximal effort day. You’ll warm up, then you’ll pick a weight that’s at least 60% of your 1RM. You’ll do your ten reps. Then you’ll rest 60 seconds…no more! The weight you choose might feel easy during the first set, but that tenth set is going to suuuuck. You might even fail a set or two. XpressWOD is short and focused, but you’ll need to give it your all. It’s not like our CrossFit classes where you sometimes game it on the skill portion so you’re rested for the WOD. Yeah, I know you all do that. But there will be NO half-assing it in XpressWOD. I need you to give it everything that you fucking got! Otherwise, just stay home if you’re not going to be serious! So that’s what we’re doing on Monday: lots of squats. What about Tuesday? 6000m row. Now I bet no one will show up, and that’s fine. Now you know why you’ll never get better. #strongerthanbrandt


XpressWOD also has a 90-minute cutoff for signing up. You will not be able to sign up last minute for this. So that means you have be enrolled before 5am for the 630am class. Right now it’s only at 630am. Oh…And if you cancel last minute? Don’t even think about it.

GymnastyWOD will focus on bodyweight skill work. Each week will be a different movement. We’ll practice that movement, and if you can’t do it, we’ll go through the progressions. At the end will be a gymnastics wod. Your homework for the rest of the week is to practice those progressions. This class meets on Tuesdays.

EnduranceWOD will alternate between rowing and running mesocycles. This cycle will be rowing! Yay! We’ll go over form and then you’ll do some interval work to improve your cardio-respiratory endurance. This class meets on Fridays.

BarbellWOD is simply what was called Barbell Club. It will meet twice during the week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and will alternate between max effort and dynamic effort days. The weekend class will be light and technique-only.


Sign up for Class
Remember to sign up for class. Penalties may apply. Remember to cancel if you’re not going to make the class. Penalties may apply. Remember to let us know if you’re going to be late. Penalties may apply.

AS WITH EVERY CLASS WE OFFER: CLASSES WILL BE CANCELED IF ONLY 1 PERSON IS SIGNED UP TWO HOURS BEFORE IT STARTS. Sign up early to guarantee there’s a class! Keep an eye on your email if we send out a cancelation email. If we cancel and you show up, there’s still no class.

Super Special BarbellWOD this Weekend!
We’re having a guest coach this weekend to help out with a 90-minute BarbellWOD. Some of you might have met Brad before, and if you haven’t, you should come this Saturday. The focus this weekend is powerlifting since that’s his specialty and he’ll be able to help y’all out with those main lifts. Class size is going to be capped. If you sign up and don’t show up again you will be charged a inconvenience fee. I will post more information tomorrow! Speaking of barbells…

We’re in the process of talking with the USAW about hosting their Sports Performance seminar later this year. Fingers crossed! It is a weekend-long course where you’ll learn from a Senior Coach from the USAW about the olympic lifts. Are you interested in becoming a better athlete? Do you want to become a sports coach with either CFS or somewhere else in the future? Then come do it! Once I know more, I’ll post more! Oh and I forgot about another important barbell

Barbells For Boobs!
Mark your calendars for November 14th: Barbells for Boobs returns! I’ll make a flyer this week with more details. So far I have it planned as an individual competition with scaled and rx divisions. Expect there to be 3 events (already planned out two and the final event is f’n gnarly!!!). I want this to be big and I want us to raise a bunch of money for Barbells for Boobs. I’m sure most everyone out there knows someone that’s been affected by breast cancer or really any cancer. We can make a difference! Please read up about the fundraiser above. Save a pair! Save a life!

Also on the horizon is a competition for #TeamAmanda (10/10/15). Amanda is James B’s cousin and she recently had a double lung transplant. It’s a long road to recovery and we already represented her at the Battle By The Mounds competition, but now we want to do something for her and her family locally. This is going to be a team competition (2-person same-sex teams), and we’ll be donating proceeds to the #TeamAmanda charity. Again, I’ll be making a flyer for this and posting it this week!

Got some new t-shirts and stuff on the horizon. Act now and buy from our old stock of shirts and tanks for $5 a piece. When we get the next run of stuff in, shirts will be $20, koozies will be $5, pint glasses will be $15, stickers will be really cheap (or free) and winter-wear will be more expensive than t-shirts (obviously?). Haven’t picked out any jackets or beanies yet. It’s still warm out! I will not be ordering anymore tank tops this year, and the next set of shirts will be unisex cut.

If you haven’t already read my post about accountability, then I am disappoint. Things have gotten a little too lax and everyone thinks they can get away with breaking the rules because they’re some unique and beautiful snowflake. Well that’s just wrong. There will no longer be any special considerations given out. Everyone will be treated the same. Everyone will follow the rules. Everyone will suffer when anyone breaks those rules. The burpee board has been wiped clean, so make sure to clean up after yourselves. If you’re late, you WILL warm up before joining in with the class. I don’t care if that means you’re gonna miss out on the skill work. Actions have consequences. If you’re excessively late, you will have to wait until the next class, even if that next class is tomorrow. Classes are filling up and we have lots of shit going on in the evenings, so when class is done, you need to be out of the way. You can stay and mobilize and do the Extra Work I assign so long as I don’t see or hear you. If you’re in open gym, you will give priority to the class. Programming is written up on the board, so you know what the class is doing. If we’re squatting, please don’t even think about taking up one of my squat racks if a class is going on. Open Gym ends promptly at 6pm.

Don’t park in anyone’s grass yard. Don’t take up any spots at the bakery. Don’t take a coach’s parking spot by the roll up door. DO PARK IN THE REAR PARKING LOT. Thank you. Maybe we can add parking spots on our side of the building in the future. I know it’s soooo hard walking the 150m from the lot to the door.

Cook Out This Saturday
After the classes on Saturday we’ll be having a cook out at CFS. Food will be provided (chicken!), but this is potluck, so please bring something: beer, chips, salsa, beer, cookies, beer, cake, plates, beer, or napkins!

Food Bank
While on the topic of bringing something to the gym, we’re asking our athletes to help out the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank. As Justin already posted on our Facebook page, they are out of canned tomatoes, rice, and dry beans. They are on the verge of running out of canned soup and canned sweat peas. Please help out your less fortunate neighbors and bring some non-perishable goods in, these things cost pennies but they’ll help out so much. We’ve already got a nice pile going!


Justin says if you don’t bring two items to class this week, you will be punished and/or classes will be canceled. He’s super cereal you guys. Don’t disappoint us and don’t make these people starve.

See you at the gym!