CFS Newsletter, October 25th

Swole Patrol – Week 5

Deloading Begins
We’re 5 weeks into this new cycle, and we’ve done a whole lotta work. Now, we’re going to take it easy for a few days before we start the second half of the cycle. So the first half saw us do 10×5 at weight A, 10×4 at weight B, and 10×3 at weight C. Next week we go back to the beginning, but this time it will be 10×5 at weight B, 10×4 at weight C, and 10×3 at weight D.

Everyone started at different percentages of their 1RM based on their abilities, and each subsequent time you increased by a certain amount of weight. Everyone was told to print out their sheets and keep track of what they lifted. Everyone has a smart phone these days and there are dozens upon dozens of free crossfit and fitness apps to track this stuff. You can easily comment on the website to leave a trail of breadcrumbs. And let’s not forget the ancient technique of writing shit down in notebooks! If you didn’t keep track, then you’re not going to see the intended results. If you didn’t follow the programming, you’re not going to see the intended results. I saw lots of you shorting reps and sets, or using weight that was beyond your prescribed percentages, while others sandbagged and did way less than they were supposed to. Why…why do you do this?!

For this “deload week”, there is no extra work beyond what is written on the board at the gym. If it says mandatory mobility, then it’s mandatory mobility. If you keep beating your body down, you’re not going to get any better. You get better by resting, by giving your body time to heal itself. Rest means rest…rest does not mean taking the day off from the gym to run 12 miles. This is part of the reason we took Sundays off the schedule, people weren’t resting. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We know what we’re talking about. My dad is visiting us this week, and he’s sitting next to me while I type this and rant to him. He said you have to rest if you want to get any better. And he’s a doctor. Do you honestly think you know better than a doctor?

Don’t forget this Friday will have a special schedule! Come celebrate Halloween a day early at CFS presents ZombieFIT! We’ll have three different wods (team, partner, and individual) Friday afternoon at 5pm, 545pm, and 630pm. If you show up without a costume there will be a 30 burpee buy-in before each workout! If you win the award of best costume, you get the grand prize of getting to park up front for a week in the coaches’ lot!!! If a coach doesn’t participate, they lose their parking spot for a week! Yay1!!!111!!! Justin and I will determine the winner. And after the last workout, we’ll be staying around to have a few drinks and eat some candy. Everyone is welcome to join and BYOB! Make sure you sign up! Come for one, two, or all three! The workouts are also scaleable to sweatshop, so everyone can have fun!

Speaking of Sweatshop…
I had some requests for sweatshop t-shirts and I thought: why the hell haven’t I done that yet?!?! So I’m asking y’all for some slogans or logo designs. If I choose yours (or make some variation of it), then I’ll give you some free Sweatshop #swag once I make it! Please submit your ideas into the Private Facebook Group. If you haven’t already, make sure you join the group…members only!

This is the last week to preorder the zip up hoodies at the gym! If you have not filled out the form at the gym with name/color/size/payment method, then you will not get a hoodie! If you chose to pay with cash and have not paid me by Friday, then you will not get a hoodie! If you chose to pay through your account, I will bill you at the end of the week when I go through and charge those that got t-shirts on credit (yes, I remember you, don’t worry!). I will not be ordering anymore cold-weather attire in 2015. Next year, I might order some cheap jackets in one color in limited quantities. And if I can find some cheap (but nice) sweatpants, I will put in an order for some. I just can’t find any that fit well that cost less than $20.

Canned Food Drive Part DEUX
After the great turn out earlier in the semester for the canned food drive for the Athens Emergency Foodbank, we’re going to start another collection to turn in before Thanksgiving. The workers were so thankful of what we did for the local community, a few of them were almost in tears because we collected so much stuff for them. Justin will post a list of what they need in the CFS Group, so stay tuned!

Competition in the New Year
We’re planning a new competition for January, and this time it will be an individual event. Planning on three levels of ability, so most everyone can participate. I’ll post more details in the future! Well, I have most everything planned, just trying to secure something before I announce it…………….mysterious much?

New Year Plan Changes
So in the new year, we’ll be revamping memberships and how classes are structured. We will still have Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze will still be 2x/week (billed as 9x/month), and Gold will still be unlimited. Now, Silver will change to 3x/week (billed as 13x/month). If you are on any of the old plans, you will need to change over to one of these three options. If you have any of the legacy unlimited memberships, I will transfer you over to Gold. Everyone else will need to decide between Bronze, Silver, and Gold and let me know before the new year or I will default you to bronze or silver. If you have one of the older memberships like a 12-month commitment, I will let you keep that membership unless you chose to change. If you chose to change, there will be no fees. If you chose to stay with the old membership, you will lose out on both of the perks with the new changes:

1) We’re changing class structures. We have a lot of extra work assigned every day and it’s impossible to go through it in an hour. Right now only gold members get to stay after class to do this work. With the new plan, everyone can stay after class (or come in early if you’re signed up for the last class of the day) to do the extra work assigned for that day (and that day only). So everyone can come to the gym, do CrossFit, and then stay the extra hour needed to go through the extra work. The only catch is that Bronze can only do this twice a week, and Silver can only do this three times a week. Gold is still unlimited. Gold can still come multiple times a day. Bronze and Silver can only come once a day. Those that stay with their legacy 6- or 12-month memberships can retain their “unlimited” crossfit visits, but they will be limited to one hour a day.

2) We’re bringing back student/military discounts. If you chose to stay with any legacy memberships, these discounts are not compatible. For everyone else that qualifies, we will offer discounts on Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships. To get this discount, you must provide proof of full-time enrollment in school, or provide military identification. Once you get those documents to us, we will give you a discount code that you can apply to your membership on Frontdesk!

See you at the gym!