CFS Newsletter, October 4th

Week 1 of the new cycle is in the books! I know it was a hellacious week, but give it some time and I know our bodies will adapt. Just a few things that need to be reiterated:

*programmed rests between sets and supersets (60 seconds and 90 seconds) are part of the programming and need to be followed for the intended stimulus. This cycle is not about resting over 2 minutes between sets to make sure you’re well rested so you can easily complete every set. This is not supposed to be easy! But it’s also not supposed to be hard. Perhaps you overestimated your ability and started too heavy? Listen to your body!

*you don’t need to be a hero. When we say no more than 70% of your 1RM, we actually mean that most of you should probably not do the max weight. You should listen to your body as you’re warming up. If it feels heavy and you’re not feeling comfortable doing all 10 sets at that weight, then don’t! We still have a few movements left in the 10×5 mesocycle. Once we move on to 10×4, you’re expected to increase your original weight by 7%. And then another 7% when we get to 10×3. The weights are going to keep getting heavier, and it’s not going to get any easier. Make sure you remember what weight you used with the sets of 5 so you know what your new weight is for the sets of 4!

*print out your damn percentage charts and bring them to the gym. There’s no time for thinking and guessing when you get to the gym. You need to know what weight you’re going to use so you can start warming up to it once class starts.

*if you have anything besides a gold membership, you have the entire hour. The classes tend to take 30-50 minutes depending on the day. With any leftover time, you’re encouraged to stay and complete the extra work for the day. If you have a gold membership, you can stay and are encouraged to stay after class (or come back a second time that day) to do the extra work as well as the supplemental work for that day (usually Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and endurance). If you come back or stay after class, you need to set up at the platforms and do your work over there. The rig and rubber floored area is for the class that’s going on.

*You’re only allowed to do what’s written on the board for that day, and that day only. If you missed something, then there’s no making it up (until we put Sundays back on the schedule). I plan the programming so the extra work does not interfere with the main CrossFit classes. I plan the programming to supplement what you just did in class. When Sundays return, you are allowed to make up a day that you missed. If you didn’t miss anything, then there’s nothing for you to do on Sundays. REST!!!

*I repeat, you’re only allowed to do what is written on the board for that day and that day only

Team Amanda
We are closed Saturday for the Team Amanda competition that will start at 11am. Make sure you arrive early to check in and start getting ready. Please check my other post for your assigned heat times. Shirts should be ready for pick up on Saturday morning. If you have not paid for your shirts or registration, you need to do so immediately! Don’t forget that on Sunday we will be cooking out around noon. Doors will open before then, but the food probably won’t be ready until noon. I’ll be providing the main courses, and everyone else is encouraged to bring a side or drinks. Last time we ended up with like ten bags of chips, so maybe just have one person bring chips this time?

Halloween WOD
On Friday the 30th, we will only have one “class”, and we will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. So you best get your asses into the gym for a fun night! We will have 3 WODs Friday afternoon. We’ll have a team workout at 530, a partner workout at 600, and an individual workout at 630 with everything wrapping up at 700. Come for one, or stay for all! After we workout, there will be fun and games and drinks (byob) for a little pre-Halloween celebration. All athletes are encouraged to wear their most bestest Halloween costume to WOD in, and there will be a burpee buy in at the start of each wod if you didn’t come dressed up!

We’ll be doing a preorder-only run of limited edition ringer t-shirts (blue only, see below for samples, men on left, women on right) for $25, as well as hoodies (choose from one of 8 colors) for $50. The t-shirts are super soft and are a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The hoodies are fleece and have some weight to them. If you have seen my red flannel hoodie at the gym lately, the ones that you can choose from are the same style if you’d like to check mine out. I’ll have order forms at the gym: write down your size/color/quantity and you can pay by cash in the gym or charge your account. All money is due by the end of the month, and then I will be place one order, and only one order. There might be another hoodie order before the end of the year, but probably not.
retro shirt

This Week @ CFS
The schedule has been finalized. Please note that the afternoon class times have changed. We will be closed Saturday for Team Amanda. Link to programming.

See you at the gym!