Friday Night Lights

Register for Friday Night Lights HERE. Cost is $40 and includes a tshirt and chances to win prizes.

Register for the CrossFit Open at The CrossFit Games website. Individual registration is $20 and then you can join the CrossFit South affiliate and the CrossFit South team!

These are two separate things. If you want a tshirt and want to win stuff and get food and booze, you have to sign up for FNL. If you just want to do the WOD and submit your score to see how you compare worldwide, you should sign up for the Open at the games website. If you choose the second option, you won’t get a tshirt, you won’t get entered into the weekly raffles, and you won’t get the provided food and drinks. You can always sign up for both!

Go HERE to learn more about the CrossFit Games and the Open.

fnl proof

So we will be doing the CrossFit Open wods every week during the open, but with a twist: Friday Night Lights! This will be an intra-gym competition for our members. Those that sign up for FNL will be put on teams, and the team with the most points at the end of the Open wins!

Friday Night Lights will happen every Friday night for 5 weeks. Friday evenings at the gym are for the CrossFit Open Wods only! There will be no classes. There will be no open gym. We will have one class Friday mornings, and it will be the Open WOD.

The gym will open up at 5pm on Fridays and the first heat will start at 530pm. We’ll keep going and have a heat every 30 minutes until everyone gets their chance! Afterwards we’ll be grilling out and enjoying non-Paleo beverages. This is about having fun and making friends and pushing eachother to do our best. You need to be able to be at the gym for longer than just your heat. Everyone that WODs will also judge another heat. Plus food and beer afterwards!

We will create the heats, so let us know if you have any special requests. So if you can’t make it until 630pm, let us know so we don’t schedule you to go at 530pm. If you cannot make Friday nights and still wish to participate in the Open, we will have an opportunity on Friday mornings and on Sundays as well. Check the schedule. That’s it unless there are special circumstances that prevent you from coming to those times. There will be no redoing of the wods. One and done!

$40 – includes t-shirt

Registration is required if you wish to participate in Friday Night Lights. If you do not want to participate, you can still come watch and cheer on your friends! Registration costs cover your t-shirt, raffle prizes, food and booze!

You have until 02/18/15 to sign up for FNL before the price increases to $50. Last day of registration is the 25th. If you wait that long, your t-shirt will be late, too.

This will function as a team competition. Once registration ends we will create a few teams. Each team will earn points, and the winning teams will get prizes at the end of the competition. Teams will have captains, and the captain is responsible for creating a team name. Team members do not have to compete at the same time.

+1 point: Every member of a team that completes an Open workout on Friday or Sunday will earn one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout.

+1: The top three male and female athletes for each workout will earn one point for their team.

+1: One point will be awarded to any team who has a member willing to do the Open workout in a head-to-head format with another participant on Thursday night following the workout announcement.

+2: One athlete each week will be designated “Spirit of the Open” and will earn two points for his or her team. This athlete will not necessarily be the athlete with the best score but will be someone who persevered in a workout or is otherwise deserving of this honor.

+5: The team with the most noise, pride, and presence at each FNL will receive five bonus points for their team.

Each Friday night we will have a few door prizes that we will raffle off for free. All you have to do is show up and get your raffle ticket. Door prizes might include GORUCK gear, tshirts, fish oils and other supplements, wrist wraps, and more!

We want you to bring your friends and family to come watch and have fun! Every person you bring will get a free week of Sweatshop! Each visitor that comes to FNL will also put their name in a drawing, and at the end of the Open, one lucky winner will get a free month of CrossFit at CFS!

Prizes for the top placing teams will TBD.

At the end of each FNL, we will be cooking out, drinking beers, and having fun. This will be run pot-luck style, and sign up sheets will be posted at the beginning of each week.