Name: Gerard
Hometown: New York City
Age: Classified
Occupation: Investor

When did you first start CrossFitting?
February ’14

When did you start training at CrossFit South?
This was my first “box”

Favorite WOD or movements?
Anything that’s all legs and/or endurance

Least favorite WOD or movements?
Handstand pushups and double unders

What sports/health background do you have if any?
Ex-Marine. High school fencing

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?
My friends were posting about it on facebook

Do you remember your first time doing CrossFit, how did it go?
I felt like I did the first week of officer candidate school. I hurt in places I did not know existed.

What changes have you seen since starting at CrossFit South?
I look better naked.

Any advice for new people starting or contemplating CrossFit?
Just do it!

Hobbies/interest outside of a WOD?
Ice Hockey

Favorite cheat meal?
Ice cream

What do you want to accomplish by this time next month? In 3 months? Before the end of the year?
More upper body strength and improve bodyweight performance so I can do the open next year

What type of music do you like to WOD to?
Heavy metal and classic rock