Happy New Year!


With a New Year comes new changes at CrossFit South.

First, we’d like to thank all our athletes and coaches for helping us make CFS one of the best gyms and communities in Athens, GA. We couldn’t have done any of this without y’all, and it’s been rewarding to see everyone get better and grow closer together as friends. If you ever have any questions or suggestions on how we can make this experience better, please let us know. We’ll be handing out surveys in the next week or so for you to fill out about your coaches, the programming, the facility, and more. You can write your name on them or keep it anonymous, but we’ll be choosing 4 people for free CrossFit South shirts from the surveys that have names!

We’re ready for sweatshirt orders. Samples can be seen on our Facebook page and in the gym. We need a minimum of 6 per order. $40 cash or check.

We’ll be bringing our junior coaches into the mix more, and once they iron out their schedules, we’ll be adding more class times for the gym. Please let us know what class times y’all would like to see offered. Post suggestions here or at the gym!

In the near future we will also be offering an “Open Gym” membership that will allow you to come during non-class times to make up WODs, work on strength, practice gymnastics, etc. You’ll be able to do anything (within reason), but a coach will have veto power. So if you’re good at squats but suck at muscle ups, you better practice those muscle ups! If you forego gymnastics practice for more squats we’re going to stop you and make you work on muscle ups! We’ll let you know more details once availabilities are determined.

We’ll be ordering new equipment and doubling the rig soon. We’ll be waiting to see what the turnout is like in the New Year to decide what we need most. I’d love to have axle bars, atlas stones, logs, and yokes, but it seems we need more bumpers again since y’all get lazy when you’re tired and drop bars from overhead!

Memberships will be changing this month. We deliberated for quite some time and we settled on a plan that will benefit most of you. First, we’re getting rid of discounts. Now hear me out please! There were too many discounts to take into account: student, military, educators, couples, cousins, only coming certain days, and so on. Where would it end? If we offered a discount for Microsoft employees does that mean we’d have to offer a discount for Apple employees, too?! So with the discounts gone, we decided to lower the price of the unlimited membership from $165 to $140 for everyone. Unlimited gets you access to all CrossFit classes, and you can come as often as you want. This will be our only monthly membership; we will be getting rid of the 2x/wk ($100/mo) and the 3x/wk ($140/mo) memberships. We want to keep things simple as there were too many variables.

To make up for the discontinued memberships, we will now be offering digital punch cards. You can buy a 4-, 8-, or 16-visit punch card. These will last for 3 months before they expire, and once you use up all your visits then you’ll have to buy another card. The more you buy, the cheaper the price per visit is. The 4x card is $13/visit, the 8x card is $11/visit, and the 16x card is $9/visit. If you’re on the unlimited membership and come five times a week, it averages out to less than $7/visit!

We will be keeping tabs on the number of visits. If you sign up for a class, and don’t show up and don’t cancel, that visit will still be used. We will also deduct a visit if you show up without signing up. I audited the attendance and there were a handful that went over their membership allotment last year.

We will let you stay on your old membership for one more month if you wish.

There’s still the free Saturday WOD. Crossfitters at 10AM, newbies at 11AM.

Late fees. There were so many uncollected late fees this past year. We sat down and went through the numbers to find out how much we lost and it was enormous. We want to be nice, but business is business. Since no one ever paid their late fees, they’re gone. From now on, the memberships must be paid online with your debit or credit card and it will be on autopay for the unlimited monthly membership. If you wish to cancel, present your request on paper or via email and we will remove the autopay by the end of the day. All sales are final. If for some reason you can’t pay with card then there will be a $5 fee to pay with check.

Everyone on the unlimited plan will be prorated to the 1st of the month to keep things simple. FrontdeskHQ will automatically do this and put you on the schedule to pay on the 1st of every month. Too many people avoided paying us on time, so you will have a 3-day grace period. No more. If you don’t have an active membership then you won’t be able to attend class after the 3rd of the month unless you buy an eligible membership. I can easily sell you a membership via my phone and tablet at the gym. No more excuses.

Sorry if this sounded like a rant, and if any of this sounds unfair then talk to us and we’ll at least listen. With these changes we still have the best prices of any of the surrounding CrossFit gyms and we have the best programming, staff, and athletes. We look forward to spending the new year with you and we hope you do too!