New Announcements!

Hope everyone is having a good New Year thus far. We’re going to start implementing some changes in the next couple weeks so please do your best to check the site, Facebook, or the announcement board at the gym for developments.

First, if you haven’t already, please note that we require you to sign up for the WODs. If you need the password, please contact Justin or Keras. We need everyone to start following this practice because class sizes will now be limited. This goes for crossfitters and weightlifters. You can sign up way into the future and cancel up to an hour before the class starts. If you don’t know how to use the internet, we’ll bring a computer to the gym and help you sign up. If you show up without registering, everyone does burpees. If you don’t show and don’t cancel, everyone does burpees. Once we can get by without any fuck ups, we’ll start adding more class times! No excuses!

Classes will also be structured differently. After the group warm ups, we will start the WOD 15 minutes into the class. If you miss the warm up, come in late, or just stand around and aren’t ready for the WOD, you have to wait till the next class. The coaches are there to help, so ask questions or ask for help getting ready! After the WOD we will then move on to skill and barbell work.

We will also be posting a week’s worth of running and gymnastics workouts on Monday at the gym. As always, you can do the day’s GMOD at your leisure at the gym as long as you’re in no one’s way. The running WODs are homework for you to do on your days off, and we encourage you to do so. You’ll see great improvement in your WOD times. And if you can’t run, we can give you swimming, biking, rowing, and skiing alternatives.

There will be a lot of new faces, so you vets should make the newbies feel welcome and introduce yourselves! We look forward to seeing everyone in the next couple days!