On The Horizon…

At CrossFit South we’re always trying to give you the best fitness experience. We want to know what you think, and what you’d like us to do to improve the gym, its programming, and our coaching. So next week, we’ll be giving out an anonymous survey via our Facebook group. If you’re not in the group, look a few posts back for the link to request access. If you don’t complete it online, we will give you a paper copy to fill out and drop in a box. We need 100% compliance on this.

Secondly, we’re making some changes to the schedule. For the time being, we will be closed on Sundays. Turn out has been dwindling, and y’all need a rest day. Plus, too many people are trying to do 6 days a week. We’re also going back to three evening classes and upping the cap to 20. From then on, we’ll always have two coaches on staff in the afternoon, as well as our 0530 class since we tend to get close to 20 people every morning now! In a few months (after this next cycle) we’ll make a few more changes to classes/programming that I think everyone will like… Always planning ahead! More on that later!

Finally, we’re giving a total overhaul to our on-ramp program and how we integrate new athletes into the gym. Potential members will first meet one-on-one with a coach to discuss crossfit, their background, their goals, and then we’ll answer any questions they have. From there will be two paths, a group on-ramp (8 visits) and an accelerated personal training option (2 visits). After on-ramp, new athletes will get a discounted first month at CFS. These changes will go in to effect in about a month or two.