Powerlifting BarbellWOD this Saturday

We’ll be having a guest Coach to help out with BarbellWOD on Saturday! Brad’s specialty is powerlifting.


Here he is with his record squat at nationals! Saturday’s BarbellWOD will be 90 minutes long and we’ll cover powerlifting technique. After last Saturday when we had a few no-shows and late arrivals, a few rules:

1) There is a hard cap on the class. Once we reach the cap you will be put on a wait list in case anyone cancels.

2) If you don’t show up after signing up, you will be charged $10 for taking up a spot that could have gone to someone else.

3) Doors close at 10am. If you show up late, you will not be allowed to participate. Class starts immediately at 10am and no one else will be permitted in. Get there early. Seriously, I’m going to literally close the door and lock it at 10am.

On Friday, we will be holding our first EnduranceWOD at 6pm. Like I said in the newsletter, this first cycle will be rowing. Matt Hicks (Crew!) will be helping me out on Friday. He rowed for Tech. I rowed for UGA. Enemies working together to make y’all better rowers! Same rules as above apply. Class is capped. If you come late you don’t row.