Name: Raleigh Heth
Hometown: Brunswick, GA
Age: 24
Occupation: Grad Student

When did you first start CrossFitting?
Summer 2012

When did you start training at CrossFit South?
March 2014

Favorite WOD or movements?
Snatch, clean and jerk, double unders

Least favorite WOD or movements?
Running, jogging, sprinting, anything faster than a light walk

What sports/health background do you have if any?
Baseball/football through high school

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?
I knew about it but had to wait until one opened near me to try it

Do you remember your first time doing CrossFit, how did it go?
My first WOD was Karen (150 wall balls). I was so sore the next day that I couldn’t even walk down stairs to go to class

What changes have you seen since starting at CrossFit South?
Already improving my strict press and strict pull ups

Any advice for new people starting or contemplating CrossFit?
KEEP COMING BACK! Once you start seeing results, you’ll get addicted

Hobbies/interest outside of a WOD?
Playing music, reading dead ancient languages, getting tattooed

Favorite cheat meal?
Beer & pizza & beer

What do you want to accomplish by this time next month? In 3 months? Before the end of the year?
Strict overhand-grip pull ups
Snatch 235#
Clean & jerk 315#

What type of music do you like to WOD to?
Heavy metal, classic rock, anything loud