Summer Changes


Every summer we introduce changes to the gym, but this year we’re a little early! Our biggest changes are to our memberships which I think will benefit everyone.

I’ve had people ask why they should bother signing up for an Unlimited membership, and I’ve had those with Unlimited memberships ask why they pay the most every month to simply come an extra day or so a week. Beginning in June, the Unlimited membership will be the best and most complete membership offered at CFS. The price will stay the same, but it will keep perks that other memberships will lack, as well as a few added benefits. One of those added benefits will be a class on Sundays (designated as Specialty on the calendar) from 2pm-4pm. Over the next few weeks we’re going to start adding Specialty WODs to the schedule that only Unlimited members can attend for free. Others can buy a day pass for $15. The Specialty WOD will have a directed focus in either mobility, endurance, gymnastics, power lifting, or olympic lifting. The coaches will know ahead of time what the class will cover, but it will be a surprise for you athletes! Don’t worry, they’ll all be fun and helpful, nothing mean like a surprise Kalsu or Fran…maybe…

Another change to memberships will be the removal of the punch cards. I’ll give y’all two more weeks to buy a punch card if you want, and they’ll be honored until they expire in CrossFit and Open Gym classes. Maybe I had a setting wrong on FrontDeskHQ, or maybe I’m just computer illiterate, but the punch cards didn’t work as well as I had expected. Athletes were able to sign up and attend a class even when they ran out of punches and the system wouldn’t notify me until the end of the day. Sometimes it was an honest mistake of an athlete, other times it seemed deliberate. Most people squared up with me and paid for those extra visits, but even then FrontDeskHQ sometimes messed up and only took one punch off a new punch card to pay for multiple unpaid visits. There are still a handful of people that no longer workout at the gym that have unpaid visits. I’ve sent them bills but I never set up a course of action to collect on delinquent people. I take the blame for this, and I have been able to implement some changes to prevent this in the future, but the punch cards as you know them will be gone in two weeks and replaced with something else.

So if the Unlimited membership is the top-of-the-line membership, what other options are there? Let’s start back at the bottom: A single visit, whether it’s for CrossFit, Open Gym, or Specialty WOD is $15. From now on you will need an applicable pass/plan or a credit card on file to enroll for any class. I had an out-of-town visitor come by two weeks ago to do a WOD. After the class was over he said he would have to go to his car to get his wallet to pay for the drop-in. That fucker never came back. I wish I could say this was the first time that happened! I hope none of you are this horrible if you visit other CrossFit gyms!

The next step up from a single-visit is a 10-visit card for $130 that can be used in CrossFit, Open Gym, and Specialty WOD. We will also offer a one-week pass for unlimited uses in CrossFit or Open Gym for $50. A great option for people visiting for an extended period or for current athletes that wouldn’t be in town for the entire month.

We’re also bringing back more monthly memberships, including a 2x/week membership for $90/month that you can use for CrossFit classes only. If you miss a visit, please contact us if you wish to roll that unused visit over into the next week. Unused visits disappear at the end of the month. The other monthly membership we’re going to offer will be called CrossFit and will allow you UNLIMITED visits to CrossFit classes only for a low low price of $115/month! You can’t beat that with a stick!

So I’m sure some of y’all are thinking, “Well all that is fucking awesome, but what about Open Gym?!” Well if you have the CrossFit membership and come 4-5x a week plus to the Free Saturday WOD, you really have no need for Open Gym. If you show up, listen to your coaches, and actually put forth some effort you’ll get a lot better. And like I said earlier, we’ll be catering to our Unlimited members since they pay the most every month and that’s by including free open gym with an unlimited membership. But don’t worry everyone else, if you don’t have an Unlimited membership, there’s still hope! If you have the 2x/week or CrossFit memberships, we offer an Open Gym Upgrade for an extra $20 a month. The Open Gym Upgrade comes out to less than $1/day and gives you UNLIMITED Open Gym access every month. So that bumps up the 2x/week membership to $110/month (2 crossfit classes plus as much open gym as you want) and the CrossFit membership to $135/month (unlimited crossfit and unlimited open gym!).

But the only membership that includes the Specialty WODs is Unlimited. So go ahead and upgrade to Unlimited. You’ll get the best results this way because if you only come 2x/week you only get 2x/week results!

The 10AM CrossFit class on Saturdays will be relabeled as Open Gym or Specialty WOD in June but will still be Olympic lifting focused. Might as well go ahead and upgrade to Unlimited!

Fridays will still be Open Gym/Rest Day, but to be fair I changed the morning classes on the schedule to “CrossFit” so you don’t have to have an Open Gym membership to come on Fridays. You just have to come in the morning if you want to utilize open gym without paying extra for the upgrade.

We are no longer selling the 630AM-only membership with the discounted rate. For those that have it, you can still keep it and pay $110/month. But remember, you can ONLY come to 0630…for $5 you can upgrade to the CrossFit membership and come to ANY crossfit class.

One final addition that we made to memberships is the option to put your membership on hold. Are you going out of the country or won’t be able to make it to the gym for a while? Send us a request to put your account on hold and we will (you can also do it through your account). Holds can be set for a minimum of 30 days, so no, you can’t put your account on hold for 1 week because you’re going on a cruise. 30 days is the smallest amount of time you can put your account on hold.

You can see all the prices HERE.

CrossFit 101: we’ve changed our on-ramp program again. This time it will be one ~2 hour session offered on Sundays and Saturdays. Immediately after completing CF101, newbies can sign up then and there for a small discount that will last for 3 months. If they don’t sign up that day then no discount. IF YOU REFER A NEWBIE AND THEY COMPLETE CF101 AND COMMIT TO 3 MONTHS WE WILL GIVE YOU A SHIRT WITH A DESIGN AND STYLE NOT FOR SALE. We’re implementing a 3-month commitment for newbies in an effort to help them stick with it. Unfortunately you won’t notice results from working out once or twice for only a week. You have to be committed to CrossFit if you want to improve your quality of life! After those 3 months, newbies can cancel their membership at any time. They can cancel it before then for a small fee. I added a 3-month commitment to all the new memberships, but if you’re a current athlete don’t worry about it. If you want to change memberships or quit (why the hell would you do that?!) all you have to do is send us a request and we’ll take care of it sans an early termination fee.

I think that just about covered all the changes that will be implemented this month. Send us an email or give us a written request if you wish to change or cancel a membership. Let us know what you think. We’re trying our best to please everyone!