Sunday, September 7th update

Hey gang! If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Facebook group. There will be posts there that aren’t on the website or our Facebook page, plus it’s your way to share stuff with your fellow athletes!

Now down to business.

As you’ve noticed since we started this cycle we have three suggested levels of scaling for most workouts: L1, L2, and L3. Those of you that have been with us for a while might remember the level tests we used to progress our athletes up to the next level, but now we’re using a slightly different approach. L1 is recommended for all new athletes, L2 is for our more seasoned members, and L3 is for those looking for something a little extra. You can choose to do either L1 or L2 or somewhere in between ( I’d recommend a few months experience before going for L2), but you must pass our L3 tests before doing an L3 wod. If you’re L3 you need to always do L3 if you’re serious about training harder. If you haven’t passed the skill and strength tests, you will not do an L3 workout. It’s that simple.

Rule board
Yes, most of the house rules are common sense but apparently that all goes out the window while you’re at the gym. Make sure you reread them as there have been a lot of unnecessary violations lately. My coaches have come to me about some issues so now I’d like to address everyone. Folks need to be more vigilant in their responsibility of cleaning up and putting equipment back in its correct place. Make sure you listen to your coaches and following fucking directions. Remember the golden rule: no assholes!

September 11 WOD
We’ll be doing another one of our GORUCK mini-wods on Thursday. In the past they’ve been only an hour long. This time they will be two hours long and we will have only two classes this day: 530am and 530pm. If you’re unable to stay the entire two hours, please note that we will probably venture far from the gym and I’d rather you not have to walk back alone. Also, if you leave, it will make the event harder for those that remain since it is a team effort. If you come Thursday, please bring an empty backpack or rucksack. We will provide weights for you bag as well as other tokens for your team to carry.

CFS competition
We are in the preliminary stages of planning an in-house competition. More details will be released in the next few weeks, but it will probably be the second weekend in November. So far lululemon has agreed to sponsor the event and will provide some prizes for the winners!

Terrapin night
We haven’t gone to Terrapin in a while… Maybe next Friday? Saturday?

Yeah Yeah…. I’ve got them designed, I’ll post the proofs when I get back and ask for a headcount and who wants which size so I have an idea of what to order. Most likely just t-shirts but I might do a very limited run of tank tops, too! Jackets and hoodies are on the horizon. Coozies, stickers and other swag are in the planning stages. What type of swag would you be interested in? Comment below!

We’re starting week 3 of the cycle and show no signs of letting up! Week 4 will have some deloading, so don’t worry too much! The deadlift cycle starts this week and will continue for the next six weeks. I don’t have my journal in front of me, so I’ll try to remember most of what we’re doing this week:

Monday – front squats and a triplet wod
Tuesday – deadlifts and a barbell wod
Wednesday – back squats baby!
Thursday – 9/11 Memorial WOD
Friday – Oly technique, no wod (probably no open gym again)
Saturday – 10am Olympic lifting (unlimited membership required) + 11am free team wod
Sunday – Gymnastics and open gym (unlimited membership required)