Sunday update, December 28th


Hey gang! Another short update this week, with big changes and a bigger update next time! I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays with family and friends and ready to get back to working out…gotta get a headstart on those new years resolutions!

Limited schedule again this week, and it has been updated to reflect those changes. We will have one time offered on New Year’s Day.

Level ONE, Level TWO, and Level THREE
So as I mentioned last week, we’ll be having three separate programs for nearly every class starting next week on Monday January 5th.

L1 will be tailored for those that are looking to get in shape, and don’t worry about how much they can snatch or if they can walk on their hands. You won’t find the olympic lifts or high skilled gymnastics in L1.

The new L2 will basically be what we’re doing now with a few changes. L2 is for those that are serious about CrossFit, want to do well in the Open, and maybe be competitive in local comps. Since L2 is for those serious about CrossFit, I better not have to keep telling you to squat lower on those wall balls or stand up all the way on box jumps. You know what’s expected.

L3 will be for those that really want to push themselves and to become the best CrossFitter they can. Standards are higher and there will be requirements to do this programming. If you’re interested, talk with me or my brother and we’ll get you started. I won’t be writing up the L3 programming every day since there’s only so much room on the whiteboard. There will be at least 2 hours worth of work to do each day for L3! What I will do is print it out or email the week’s programming to those that are doing L3.

So which level is right for me?
You need to ask yourself what you want out of Crossfit and be ready to start a level next week and stick with it for the next 12 weeks that we have planned out. You can always jump up to the next level, I just wouldn’t recommend it. You cannot pick and choose: one day do L1, the next day L2, then do L1 for a few days, then jump back up to L2 because you like how the WOD looks.

Pick any level and stick with it to the end!

What can I expect over the next 3 months?
For each level, the volume and intensity will slowly ramp up over this cycle as we approach the CrossFit Open. If you wish to compete in the Open, that’s awesome and we’ll get you ready for it! This year CFHQ is doing something different and introducing a scaled division in the Open…I’m not sure what it exactly entails, but more information will be released from HQ as we approach the Open.

For L1 we’ll be following a linear progression in 4 basic lifts: back squat, deadlift, bench, and overhead press. If you wish to do L1, I encourage you to find out your current 1RM for these lifts this week.

For L2 we’ll be doing the hatch squat program (back and front squats on the same day, twice a week), overhead work (snatch grip push press, benching, etc), and olympic lifting twice a week. Lots of barbell complexes and EMOMs.

For L3 we’ll be doing olympic lifting every day, gymnastics every day, metcons every day, and assigned homework every day. Lots of work.

I’ll be updating the website this week and I’ll post a more detailed update about programming and the levels before we start next week.

Getting started with the new levels
For new athletes, we will require attendance at our Level ONE intro course before starting at CrossFit South. It will last between 60-90 minutes and cost $15 and offered every weekend at noon (one week it’ll be offered on Saturday, the next week on Sunday, and so on). If you join, we’ll credit your account. If you can’t attend that course, please email us at to schedule a time. At the Level ONE intro course we will go over the L1 movements and explain the CrossFit methodology and how classes work at CFS.

You can stay at Level ONE for as long as you want, and if you want to progress to Level TWO, we offer the Level TWO intro course on opposite days each weekend just like the Level ONE. It will last the same amount of time, offered at noon. If you can’t attend that course, please contact us.

Current athletes can choose L1 or L2. If you wish to do L3, please talk to a head coach.

Again, more info will be posted and the website will be updated this week to reflect the changes.

New prices
We are offering a few more options for memberships which can be found on the Frontdesk website. If you want to change your plan, send us an email!