Sunday update, December 7th


I’d like to thank everyone that came out in support of Snatches for Staches this Saturday, I think it went pretty well! So far we raised $570. I see there were a little less than 100 check-ins on Facebook, but I think I’ll donate $130 to make it an even $700. We still have some t-shirts for sale, and I will also be making some more and we’ll turn this into an annual event!

If you are planning on making donations to the Salvation Army Angel Tree, bring them in Monday. All donations need to be in to SA by the 10th so this will give us a little extra time to buy anything on the lists that was missed. You can find the list in a previous post, sorry I’m on mobile right now and it’s hard to navigate thru everything.

If you are going out of town for an extended period of time for the holidays, make sure to email us or write your info down at the gym for when you’ll be gone. I will put accounts on hold for anyone that is going to be gone for 2 weeks or more. This will not work retroactively, you must let us know before you leave.

This will be the last week of the current cycle. For those of you that looked ahead, there is very little volume. So we’ll be keeping it light and we’ll be adding in metcons for every day this week. The free Saturday Team wod returns this week, I think it’s scheduled for 11am. Next Monday we will be maxing on on back squat, snatch, and clean and jerk to end the cycle… Hopefully we’ll see some big numbers! Friday will not be open gym. There will be a 12 Days of Xmas wod instead!

Monday – oly & a 20 minute EMOM
Tuesday – oly & a gymnastics couplet
Wednesday – oly & some bench pressing
Thursday – oly & two mini wods
Friday – 12 Days of Xmas wod
Saturday – free team wod
Sunday – open gym