Sunday Update, January 11th


Another quick and to the point update this week.

We start week 2 of the cycle. Make sure to print out your spreadsheets or make your calculations ahead of time. No lollygagging. Chop chop! Lots of work to do each day that’s wasted trying to calculate your percentages and looking at the board like this is your first time doing this.

Level One
Level Two

We’re adding some more afternoon classes. The plan for sweatshop is Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri at 530pm, and Tue/Wed/Thur at 800am. Sunday class is bumped an hour forward to 1130am. Still no Saturday sweatshop, but that’s what the free team WOD is for! New to crossfit and want to try before you buy? Come to sweatshop! Intense workouts just like those found in our regular crossfit classes, the only difference is we don’t use barbells in sweatshop!

Student Discount
This is the last week to buy the semester plan if you’re a student. Act now before I remove it from the website! $400 for CrossFit, $500 for unlimited. That works out to $100/mo for CrossFit and $125/mo for Unlimited…can’t beat those prices!

CrossFit Open Intramural
The CrossFit Open is just around the corner, and registration starts this week. I’ll share and post more once CFHQ does, but it costs $20 to register (unless they increase the price this year) and you can compete as an individual and compare scores against your friend, and your scores contribute to the gym and we can see how we rank compared to other gyms around the world. The Open is more than just trying to get to Regionals and the Games, it’s about pushing boundaries and doing the best you can. Our athletes set PR’s every year, and this year won’t be any different! So whatdya say? Wanna compete in the open?!

Regardless if you sign up, every Friday during the Open will be the open wod for the week. So everyone will be doing it. This year they introduce the scaled division, so it’ll make it more accessible to all.

New for this year at CFS, we’re going to hold an intramural competition. I’ll post more details once I know more about the open but it’ll work like this: sign up for the open and pay an entry fee to do the CFS intramural. That fee will cover a limited edition CrossFit Open tshirt, and your fee will enter you in the competition with the top teams winning prizes. Depending on how many sign up for the Open and the intramural, we’ll set a specific number of teams and we’ll pick a few team captains. Each team will compete for points, and the winning team…wins! Points will be given for completing the workout and submitting your score, getting the top score in the gym, spirit of the open award, doing the open wod the night of the announcement in a head to head battle, etc. Stay tuned!

We will be closed this Saturday. Sorry.

Terrapin Wake & Bake Off
This Saturday at Terrapin will be the 10th annual Wake and Bake Off. I’m going. I encourage everyone else to go as well! Sorry for those of you doing the Dry Caveman Challenge…you can still come to, and you don’t have to drink, but if you do, you have to do the penalty wod.

Wake and Bake Off

It’s at 7pm at the Foundry. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Special mug, beer, and food! Click the link above for more information and how to buy tickets.

I’m moving
I’m moving this Saturday. For those that wish to help I’ll be starting at 0930. Inquire in person and I’ll give you the details. It shouldn’t take too long, and those that help will be treated to burgers and beer. Holler.