Sunday Update, March 15th


Previously on Friday Night Lights…

After the first two weeks of competition, this is how the teams find themselves after points for added for Open score submissions.

Team 1 (Deb’s Illegitimate Children) – 26 points
Team 2 (The Rainbow Warriors) – 21 points
Team 3 (NADS) – 28 points
Team 4 (Winnerz) – 29 points

With 15.3 in the books, I’ve added up the points (minus any Open score submissions, those that competed still have until Monday night to submit a score! Captains, make sure your members submit if they’re registered for the Open! A handful haven’t submitted a score each week.)

Team 1 (Deb’s Illegitimate Children) – 34 points
+6 points for participation
+2 points for JD and John doing the Thursday Night Throwdown

Team 2 (The Rainbow Warriors) – 36 points
+7 points for participation
+2 points for Max and Sarah doing the Thursday Night Throwdown
+1 point for Max winning Scaled Men
+5 points for Most Spirited Team – a cute sign, the biggest turn out at FNL, and they painted their heads with rainbow colors!

Team 3 (NADS) – 36 points
+5 points for participation
+2 points for Ashleigh and Gerard doing the Thursday Night Throwdown
+1 point for LT winning Scaled Women

Team 4 (Winnerz) – 40 points
+5 points for participation
+1 point for Jess winning RX Women
+1 point for Natalie runner-up RX Women
+1 point for Taylor winning RX Men
+1 point for Brandt runner-up RX Men
+2 points for Natalie winning Spirit of The Open – She got her first muscle up and then 6 more!

The Coaches are still holding on to the lead, but The Nads and The Rainbow Warriors are on their asses! Who’s going to come out on top next week?!

Thanks to Justin and Courtney taking some amazing pictures this week. See y’all for 15.4!

So even with a lot of people out of town for Spring Break, I thought 15.3 had a great turn out and we had a lot of fun. Even if you’re not on a team, you can still show up and spectate or participate! Let us know if you want to participate or make sure to register for the Open Wod on the frontdesk schedule. If you’d rather spectate, that’s awesome! You can show up, drink, play the raffle, drink, eat some food, and drink! Speaking of food and drink, it was brought to my attention that there are too many people not bringing anything to the POT LUCK but still eating and drinking it up. Again…this is a POT LUCK, which is defined as a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish. We’re not asking for much…bring a bag of chips, or some soda, or some ice, or some flatware, or a roll of paper towels, or something to throw on the grill. A bag of carrots costs less than $2. Please, bring something. Now that this was brought to my attention, I might start giving points to team members that contribute something to the pot luck.

We have two weeks left on this cycle before we start a new one. There are going to be some drastic changes to the next mesocycle, and I’ll post more details next week. For the new cycle, the only lift that you’ll need to know is your deadlift (and maybe a rough estimate for your other lifts, but that’s not important…only your deadlift max!). If you weren’t here last week when we tested it, don’t worry, we’ll test it again next week. For the next cycle, you can choose between Fitness and Performance each day…they will both be difficult and challenging and the only difference is the lack of olympic lifts in Fitness. Just make sure that you stick with a certain level for each day.

For example, Performance will follow a front squat cycle every Monday, and Fitness will do shoulder presses and skill work. If you want to improve your front squat, do Performance every Monday. On Wednesdays, Fitness will always back squat and Performance will do olympic lifting…pick and choose! Do you want to work on brute strength, or the more explosive snatch and cleans? For those that are crazy (and that we allow…), you can always do two classes in a day, performance and fitness! There will be very little overlap between the levels.

Next Monday (23rd) we will do the CrossFit Total! For those that don’t know what it is: it is a max lift day for back squat, strict press, and deadlift. You get 3 attempts on each lift that must be witnessed and verified by a coach. We will tell you if it is a good lift or not. So you warm up, declare your first lift as something you know you can make, your second lift as something you think you can make, and your final lift should be something you want to make!

Next Tuesday (24th) we will do a mini GORUCK day: one morning class and one afternoon class. Each class will last about 90 minutes. It will be a team challenge, and each person will have a backpack that is weighted, as well as team tokens that need to be carried during the challenge. If you have a backpack or ruck, please bring it. We will provide the weights. During the course of the challenge, you will have tasks that need to be completed in a certain fashion in a certain time. Failure to comply will result in bad things happening to you. You can look back through our facebook page for some pictures and videos of the last one we did.

Next week will also have a handful of benchmark wods as well as max lifts…be ready!