Sunday update, November 23rd

movember flyer

It’s Thanksgiving week!
The schedule has been updated to reflect our limited hours. Depending on the turn out on Monday I might add a timeslot or two. There are classes every day except for Thursday (obviously?). No Girls Night this Friday, and we’ll get back to normal next week. If you haven’t already, fill out your spreadsheet so you can quickly make your transitions between movements. The programming is only going to get more challenging!

Time to Volunteer
A reminder to those that are in town on Thursday and would like to help out those a little less fortunate: at 8am we’ll meet at the Athens Career Academy (440 Dearing Extension). From there we’ll transport stuff to Emmanuel Church on Prince Avenue. You can help prepping the food, getting stuff set up and organized, or serving.

Snatches for Staches
Wednesday is the last day to sign up for the competition we’ll be holding next Saturday. Still waiting on a bunch of you to join our team and make a donation. Suggested donation is $20, but if that’s too much, donate what you can. I’m changing the rules: if you don’t donate, you don’t wod, it’s that simple. Join the team, make a donation. I’m not taking any donations at the gym, everything will be through the Movember website. This is for a good cause, I’m not making any money off it, and Justin and I are donating for every check-in at the gym thru facebook. Don’t be a dick, donate something, please!

Learn more here!
Join our team!

Account holds
If you want to put your account on hold for the holidays, let us know ASAP! It can be for two weeks or more, just tell us when you’ll be gone. As an example, you’ll be gone December 21st thru the 31st: you will be charged the full month on December 1st, but you will not be charged again until January 11th. You will only be charged a partial month for January, and then you’ll be back on the 1st of the month cycle.

For a second example, you’ll be gone from December 1st until January 5th. You won’t be charged at all in December and you won’t have to pay until you come back January 5th. Just make sure you let us know before December 1st if you want to put your account on hold until the New Year. If you don’t tell us, then you’ll get charged and we can credit you once you get back.

Starting in December we will be offering weekly memberships for $30 (regular $50) for those that don’t want to pay for an entire month.

I will not be issuing refunds since I’ve been telling you guys this for a while now. Chop chop! Tell us if you want your account on hold.