Sunday update, November 2nd

Sunday funday!

movember flyer

Movember and Snatches for Staches
First up, it’s Movember! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the post I made about our fundraiser/competition! Remember to “check-in” on Facebook each time you’re at the gym and definitely make sure that you use something like #movember, or direct them to our page at These check-ins are to spread awareness. Simply checking in does not count. For each check-in that helps spread awareness, we will be donating $1 to our Movember team. Remember guys, if you can grow a moustache you fucking damn well better! The whole point of Movember is to spread awareness about prostate cancers and other illnesses that affect men…if you have a moustache, it’s a talking point, it gets people’s attention. You tell them about Movember and try to get them involved. Beards don’t do shit. Goatees are lame. And baby faces are for babies. Spread the word! Raise some money! Do something for once! I think there should be a donation penalty for this with beards that won’t sport the ‘stache. One dolla for each day! I’m looking at you Raleigh and Justin!

The Snatches for Staches competition will be Saturday December 6th. Preferably same-sex teams…talk to me if you absolutely have to do a mixed-sex team. These are two person teams. More details about the wods are at the link above. Remember, it’s free to compete, we just ask you to donate to our Movember team…20 dollars sounds reasonable. We will also be selling t-shirts. They will be $20, but you need to reserve a size at the gym. There is a very crude mock-up for the shirts at the gym. Once I decide to spend more than 3 minutes on the design I’ll post a final proof on the website and at the gym. The cut off for t-shirt orders will be Thanksgiving day, November 27th.

Thanksgiving Volunteering and Gym Dinner
Speaking of Thanksgiving…we will be closed that day as well as the day before…possibly the day after…depends on who is in town. But on Thanksgiving Day, we will be volunteering to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate like we do every year. If you wish to help, we’ll provide more details in the coming weeks. Also! If you’re stuck in town on Thanksgiving, we will be doing a potluck dinner of sorts at the gym for those that had no where else to go…again, more details will be released in the coming weeks, but let us know if you think you’d like to join us for either!

End of the semester and going out of town
If you are not going to be here for the month of December, make sure you give us a notice in writing including when you will be back so we will put your account on hold. For the month of December, we will have a reduced price weekly membership for those that might only be in town for a week or so. If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you give us a notice to put your membership on hold, then you can buy a week or two for whenever you’re planning on being here. I’ll put reminders up at the gym. If you forget to give us notice, we’ll put your account on hold once you finally do reach out to us and it will stay on hold until your return (tell us when you’re returning). If you don’t plan on returning in the new year, sorry, we don’t do refunds, but we’ll cancel your membership…but you have to tell us before the 1st of the month! It costs us money to do refunds and all we ask is for you to give us something in writing before December 1st telling us you’re not going to be here for December. We will not be prorating the month: if you wish to work out, you can buy a weekly membership at a discounted rate. I think we’re being pretty flexible, just like we are every year. You don’t call up the cable company and say hey, “I’m only going to be in my apartment for one week so if you can only charge me for one week that’d be great, thanks!” Tell us in writing for how long you want your membership to be on hold. Please. Thank you.

Sweatshirts! If you want a jacket and are paying in cash you need to pay asap! I won’t be at the gym Tuesday so I’ll give you until Wednesday to pay. If you made a note that you wish for you account to be charged, I will charge you on Wednesday as well for “swag”.

The week in WODs
Last week of the cycle! I ordered a gong that you can hit when you get a PR…it should be here Monday or Tuesday…so exciting! Next week we’ll go for some max lifts, hit some benchmark wods, and just have fun before we start the next cycle. The next cycle will be strictly Olympic Lifting with very little conditioning. We will program some conditioning for you to do outside of the gym or at open gym, but the regular classes will be barbells and more barbells. I guess if you want to do some high intensity workouts you can always come to the Sweatshop classes! Also!!! Fridays aren’t really going to be open gym anymore, we will structure the morning classes for goat work (aka something you suck at), and the afternoon will consist of open gym (unlimited members only), sweatshop, and girls night.

Monday – clean & jerk; quick couplet wod
Tuesday – squat day!
Wednesday – bench; moderate length triplet
Thursday – snatches; bodyweight amrap
Friday – goat work; girls night
Saturday – sweatshop; oly class (unlimited); free team wod
Sunday – open gym (unlimited)