Sunday Update, November 30th

movember flyer

It’s the last day of November, but you can still check-in on Facebook for #movember! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and thanks for everyone that helped volunteer this Thursday…you guys rock!

Snatches for Staches is this Saturday! Doors open at 8AM and we need all teams to be there by 830AM. First event will start by 9AM. If anyone wants to help judge, talk to Justin or Keras.

I don’t know why I need to keep mentioning this, but if you’re competing you need to make a donation to our team at this link. It doesn’t matter how large or small the donation is, you just need to help raise awareness for this great cause. This is the list of teams that I have on the roster. If you cannot make it anymore you need to let us know so you don’t ruin the experience for your partner. If your name is underlined, you haven’t donated yet and will not be allowed to compete unless you do. I will not be taking donations at the gym.

Jess & Nat
Ling & Jay
Brandt & Nick
Taylor & Loren

James & Matt S
Raliegh & Max
LT & Brooke
Amy & Stevie
Kortney & Courtney
Kent & Henry
Josh & Max
Haley & Kate n/m, Haley needs a partner!

We’re starting week 3 of the 4 weeks of programming. If you haven’t already, make sure to print out your spreadsheet to make things easier! Once we finish this cycle, we’ll hit a few benchmarks and have fun with the WODs for the rest of the year. Our junior coaches are coming up with some great workouts for you (reminder to my coaches: get your wods in ASAP). Come 2015 we’ll start a new mesocycle where we’ll slowly shy away from strength for a little bit to focus on volume and metcons. Gotta get those beach bods ready for Spring Break!!! And to get anyone ready that wants to participate in the CrossFit Open. Apparently they’re changing things up this season..can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Obviously no classes on Saturday since we’re doing Snatches for Staches. I ordered a limited number of shirts for those that signed up ($20 cash or $22 charge), but I’ll do a second order if there’s an interest. I’ve got some more #swag on the horizon, including beanies which you’ve seen me wear, as well as new styles of t-shirts and long sleeved varieties. Jess mentioned getting sports bras and booty shorts printed…who wants some?! Sports bras and shorts survey.

If you’re going out of town for an extended period of time in December, I can put your account on hold. You’ll still get charged in full for December, but your membership will be extended by the number of weeks you are out of town. Minimum 2 week hold. So if you’re gone for two weeks, you won’t be charged again until the middle of January. Let me know when you’ll be gone and I’ll make sure we take care of you. This will NOT work retroactively…you must tell me BEFORE you leave.