The Use of Ratios for Weakness Identification and Programming

First Pull – Ratios

Some of y’all have been asking about ratios lately, like how much of your clean you should be able to snatch, or what you front squat should be in relation to your back squat.

The link above from First Pull is a great article to get you started with analyzing your lifts and what type of goals you should be striving for. Just bear in mind that they used data from elite athletes, so the percentages will probably vary for your everyday athlete. And these percentages aren’t necessarily the final say-so when it comes to your ability. If you’re a few percentage points within their recommended values, you’re great! If your numbers show a much larger discrepancy, then you know what you should be training during open gym! So take a look at the article, compare your numbers, and then talk with a coach so we can get you started on the road to virtuosity.